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Apr 03 2018

Statue of William McKinley to Be Removed for Being Offensive to Indians

It’s hard to believe that authorities have already taken down every monument in the country that any black finds offensive, yet already they have moved on to purging the nation of statues offensive to Indians:

The target is an 8½-foot bronze likeness of William McKinley, who was president at the turn of the last century and stands accused of directing the slaughter of Native peoples in the U.S. and abroad.

Indian activists and fellow traveler moonbats want to remove the statue from the central square in Arcata, California. It has stood there for over a century; anything that old must be racist and bad.

Arcata is a small town in the north that became infested with moonbats:

The city eventually grew into a haven for hippies from the Bay Area who sought a quieter life and cheaper land. Marijuana growers flocked to the area, as did activists who enrolled at Humboldt State University for its environmental and Native American studies programs.

Statues considered offensive to Indians are subject to P.C. purging back in the Gay Area too.

In February, San Francisco officials said they planned to remove a prominent downtown monument depicting a defeated Native American at the feet of a vaquero and a Spanish missionary. In March, the San Jose City Council booted a statue of Christopher Columbus from the lobby of City Hall.

Beyond the borders of the Land of Fruits and Nuts,

The city of Kalamazoo, Mich., said last month it would take down a park monument of a Native American in a headdress kneeling before a westward-facing pioneer. In Alcalde, N.M., and El Paso, statues of the conquistador Juan de Oñate have become subjects of renewed debate.

Christopher Columbus, the hero revered for centuries for spreading European Civilization to the Western Hemisphere, now faces banishment to the memory hole for spreading European Civilization to the Western Hemisphere.

In Baltimore, a city councilman has vowed to replace a smashed Columbus monument with something that better reflects “current-day values.”

What a fine message to send to the upstanding youths of Charm City. If you don’t like a statue because it is “racist,” vandalize it and the authorities will replace it with something reflecting the values of the vandal. A statue of Trayvon Martin might be appropriate.

Already the Moonbat Messiah renamed Mount McKinley to the more Third Worldy “Mount Denali.” Soon the 25th president will be erased from Arcata too. But not just yet:

The city estimates it will take eight months before he’s gone. California law requires a lengthy environmental review, a process that is expected to bring the total cost of removal to $65,000.

That is, this piece of our heritage still stands because the moonbat mob has gotten tangled up in moonbattery.

On tips from Bodhisattva, Jester, and TCS III.

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