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Sep 09 2023

STEM Majors Can No Longer Do Calculus

As civilization succumbs to moonbattery, the wealth it has produced will be lost. This refers not only to the money frittered away through the welfare state and green energy looting sprees, but to cultural treasures passed down through generations — like calculus:

Across the country, more students are placing into pre-college math, reports AP’s Collin Binkley. “At many universities, engineering and biology majors are struggling to grasp fractions and exponents.” …

“We’re talking about college-level pre-calculus and calculus classes, and students cannot even add one-half and one-third,” said Maria Emelianenko, chair of George Mason’s math department.

Even softball quizzes appropriate for grade school produce appalling results.

Professors tried “expanded office hours, a new tutoring center, pared-down lessons focused on the essentials,” writes Binkley. “But students didn’t come for help, and they kept getting D’s and F’s.”

You can see why grades need to be abolished in both college and K-12.

What do you expect of a society that regards both merit and math as racist?

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