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Apr 06 2024

Still Okay to Hate Whites in Scotland

Scotland has taken the lead over Canada in the race to absolute tyranny with a new law making it illegal to offend members of favored groups like sexual deviants and nonwhites. Does this law against “stirring up hatred” apply to those who are racist against the Scottish people? Let’s find out:

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf is a vocal proponent of his nation’s new hate crime law… According to the BBC, thousands of complaints had been made under the new law’s provisions … within hours of it taking effect. The news outlet also reported that a large number of the complaints were against Yousaf himself, mostly relating to a 2020 speech he gave while serving as Justice Secretary.

This moonbat really hates Scotsmen:

Allowing Europeans to hold important positions in a European country is a violation of the principles of DEI.

Will Yousaf be punished for stirring up hatred? Not likely:

Scottish police responded to the large number of complaints, telling the BBC that they had already looked into Yousaf’s comments back in 2020 and had determined that there was nothing criminal about what he said.

Liberal tolerance is selective, as Christians can confirm. Liberal intolerance of stirring up hatred is selective too.

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