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Feb 27 2012

Stool Sample Required to Open Business in Greece

In ancient Greece, those who wanted to know the future consulted the Oracle at Delphi. Nowadays the whole country is an oracle for Americans who want to know our future if we don’t wrest control of the government from liberals. If you think bureaurats make it hard to open a business here now, wait until they are done turning the USA into Greece:

It took 10 months, a fat bundle of paperwork, countless certificates, long hours of haggling with bureaucrats and overcoming myriad other inconceivable obstacles for one group of young entrepreneurs to open an online store. …

“An online store is more complicated than a regular store basically because of the way payments are carried out,” explained Fotis Antonopoulos, one of the co-founders of, which sells olive oil-based products such as cosmetics, mostly to foreign markets.

“Most stores begin operating after receiving only the approval regarding their brand name, as the bureaucracy involved takes such a long time to complete that it is simply impossible to keep up with the operational costs, such as paying rent on obligatory headquarters, without making any sales,” said Antonopoulos.

Antonopoulos and his partners spent hours collecting papers from tax offices, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the municipal service where the company is based, the health inspector’s office, the fire department and banks. At the health department, they were told that all the shareholders of the company would have to provide chest X-rays, and, in the most surreal demand of all, stool samples.

There is one difference between Greece and the USSA of the near future: after we’re done making it impossible to create wealth, we won’t have anyone to bail us out.

Now the whole country lets us see the future.

On tips from Ghost of FA Hayek and R F. Hat tip: Say Anything.

12 Responses to “Stool Sample Required to Open Business in Greece”

  1. It seems Greece will never be able to get its shit together.

  2. mojo says:

    The answer of the Oracle is always “death”.

  3. Greek Stool Analyst says:

    Sorry, it stinks. No approval for you.

  4. Dr. 9 says:

    Greeks, they do everything ass-backwards.

  5. I WISH our government took stool samples. I would be happy to comply with that law. In fact, just in case mine got lost, I would send multiple samples to multiple agencies and to elected officials. And my sample sizes would exceed the minumum required. Can’t be too careful when dealing with beaurcracy.

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    You know that blank stare you get from a liberal when you tell them onerous regulation hinders growth and job creation ?
    And you thought they simply did not grasp the concept, didn’t you ?

  7. rudy says:

    Isn’t that why all greek resturants have entrance in rear?

  8. Jimbo says:

    Professor Hale – my thoughts exactly.

  9. katiep says:

    I love how the graphic you chose for the oracle makes it look like she’s having rancid gas on the loo… Very appropriate.

  10. octa bright says:

    I believe that the result of this foolishness will be an underground economy subject to all the bribes and corruption which accompanies it. In other words it probably is to increase the oppertunities for bribes and kick backs.

  11. chuck in st paul says:

    the shareholders..??!! WTF?
    What possibly could the health of the shareholders have to do with the business? I could see it for anyone handling food that is not already sealed. This is why Europe is so hateful of America. For the most part you just fill out a few forms to incorporate, pay for any special licenses, and you’re in business.

    Although I’d be glad to crap in the hat of a whole load of bureaucrats and politicians – “Here’s you stool sample dude!”

  12. beforethestorm says:

    I was thinking the same thing, Chuck. I would be tempted to deliver a stool sample personally to the top of a bureaucrat’s desk.

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