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Feb 28 2012

Straight Talk From Ted Nugent

It takes a few minutes for him to get going (you might want to jump to 5:48), but the countermoonbattery dished up here by our beloved Uncle Ted is not to be missed:

True enough, setting the tax cheat Tim Geithner atop the Treasury Department is like putting Jeffrey Dahmer in charge of a playground — and welfare is a particularly degrading form of slavery.

On tips from AC and DaddyOD.

3 Responses to “Straight Talk From Ted Nugent”

  1. RICH says:

    That’s a straight shooter right there.

  2. czuch says:

    Unk has my vote. Amways has, always will.
    Totaly American and the poster boy for whats right.
    I will be in attendance at the Pima county Fair for my 37th Tedfest.

  3. TTommy says:

    I like his take on America and what’s wrong with it, but the guy just can’t do enough killing to satisfy his lust for blood. Personally, I think he’s bat shit crazy. You’d think he’d get tired of killing, but he lives for it. Strange, strange dude, all in all.

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