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Jun 29 2017

Stray Piece of Plastic Wrap Investigated as Hate Crime

Libs are getting desperate in their search for racism against someone other than whites:

University of Maryland campus police launched an investigation into a discarded piece of plastic wrap Tuesday after receiving a report about a “possible hate-bias” incident.

“Out of an [over]abundance of concern, we are looking into this matter and conducting a review of our cameras in the area,” the department informed students via email, though The Diamondback reports that some students were upset when officers initially dismissed the object as garbage.

A UMD student tweeted a picture of the plastic wrap suggesting he was convinced that the detritus was intended to resemble a noose because it had been “under a tree at frat row,” alluding to an actual noose that was reportedly found in a fraternity house in April.

“Police say that since it wasn’t hanging…it’s just trash,” the student remarks, inserting a skeptical emoji before asking viewers to “Make your own conclusions.”

Many will conclude that moonbats are full of crap. Now even stray pieces of rubbish count as racist if they have knots in them, on the grounds that nooses have knots, and as we all know, only sacred black people were ever hanged.

They ought to show enough initiative to tie a real noose and hang it from a tree. These days kids are getting too lazy even to stage a proper hate hoax.

Behold the supposed hate-bias incident:


On the possibly overgenerous assumption that hysterical tweeter Jaime Hurtado could not have been admitted to college if he is stupid enough to genuinely believe this random piece of trash is a hate crime, he has been inducted onto the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Sterling B.

14 Responses to “Stray Piece of Plastic Wrap Investigated as Hate Crime”

  1. FromNJ says:

    Yup. That’s a noose alright.

  2. Gabby Hayes says:

    Wait a minute! Is that a dog collar and leash? Why isn’t PETA involved?

  3. richard says:

    quel horror!

  4. Scotty says:

    The university system cannot survive racial integration. I’m not promoting anything either, mind you. I would love to see the majority of American universities close up shop. Nonetheless, I see no evidence that what the segregationists predicted would happen and what has come to pass.

  5. Dan Northrup says:

    Milk is a privileged beverage. White chocolate is cultural appropriation. Why are egg whites segregated from the yellow yolks? My fridge has a problem with systemic racism.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There’s no easily adoptable dog for them to lazily euthanize while virtue signaling and taking donations that they care for animals.

  7. MAS says:

    More leftist fear of items/symbols than fear of actual human evil…

  8. Otis says:

    Good thing there arent any actual real problems in the world.

  9. RKae says:

    Hey, leftists, how many sharks can you jump after you’ve gone loony over “poop swastika”?

    How many more of these conniptions do you have in you?

  10. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    We aren’t watching “integration.” This is weaponization and it is reaching the final stages. The warnings of McCarthy were not delusional. Our enemies are very old, but have had 50 years to infiltrate unchecked like cancer. This is the end stage of their Cancer. The collective societal body is weak and coming apart at the seems. Many previously vital structures now only spew cancer.

    It is the breakdown envisioned by the most malignant enemies of Christian Europe and America. Many of the organs spewing forth cancer were not born with this cancer, they have been manipulated and hijacked – they are to be pitied for they know not what they do, but they must be excised when the hour comes.

  11. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    You really think we are anywhere near the depths our overlords are intent on exploring?

    This isn’t even the end of the beginning.

  12. Scotty says:

    It’s integration and then the complete denialism of the effects of integration. In order to prove that their false beliefs are true, liberals will destroy the world.

  13. Miss Honkey McFreckleface says:

    “Police say that since it wasn’t hanging…it’s just trash,”

    Yeah. But it’s WHITE trash.

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