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Jul 02 2020

Student-Age Americans on the 4th of July

If you want to know about America, talk to young people, whose education is fresh in their heads. In the video below, they teach us that America is racist, that it was built by blacks, and that it achieved independence from Britain in the 1960s during the Civil War.

A teacher helps explain why they know less than nothing about their own country by proclaiming that she ignores the curriculum and teaches corrosive Black Lives Matter propaganda instead.

That’s what we have been buying for the $zillions flushed down “higher” education, much of it on a coercive basis.

If sanity is ever restored, primary and secondary education will be pried out of the hands of leftist bureaucrats and unions. Universities will be replaced by institutions devoted to factual knowledge with constructive applications.

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

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