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Mar 28 2024

Students Cheat on SAT by Faking Disability

You don’t have to be smart to get into top schools in a country run by moonbats. You don’t even have to belong to an allegedly oppressed racial group. Just come up with a defect so that you have something to show for yourself. Even attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder will do:

Teenagers are getting bogus ADHD diagnoses to score extra time in standardized testing exams — and numbers are surging after the tests were reintroduced by elite Ivy League colleges.

Parents are taking their children to doctors and psychologists for letters saying they have the condition or other mental disabilities, then getting as much as 50% more time to take the tests.

It can mean a 200-point boost to an SAT score, one expert said.

Just claiming to be victimized by anxiety or depression can allow students to cheat by getting extra time to check their answers.

One mom of a junior at an elite Manhattan prep school said that out of her daughter’s eight closest friends, six have gotten extra time.

“It’s not hyperbolic to say that almost everyone is doing it.”

America became a great nation because it allowed people to succeed on the strength of their merits. We now live in an anti-America, where you can only succeed by showcasing shortcomings — which may need to be fabricated so as to compete in our national race to the bottom.

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