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Sep 15 2018

Study: One-Third of College Freshmen Have a Mental Disorder

Social engineering is certainly having its effect, particularly on young people and particularly on college campuses, where the bombardment of liberal brainwashing is most intense. Earlier, we learned that more students at Yale identify as sexually abnormal than as conservative, as Protestant, or as Catholic. Unsurprisingly, we now hear that over one-third of college freshmen suffer from at least one mental disorder, according to a report from another Ivy League school, Columbia.

This study assessed the mental health of 14,000 students at 19 colleges in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Spain and the US through surveys.

Of the 35 percent with one or more mental health disorder, depression was the most common condition, followed by anxiety.

The start of college is a vulnerable time, during which young people struggle to secure their identity. It doesn’t help that authorities tell them to question such basics as which bathroom to use.

A sane society that believes in itself is much easier to grow up in. But then, confused, doubt-plagued youth disoriented by moonbattery must be easier to indoctrinate.

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