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Jul 22 2018

Supporters of Maxine Waters Burn US Flag Outside Her Office

At least the increasingly dominant Maxine Waters wing of the Democratic Party does not leave you guessing as to where it stands on arguably the most fundamental political issue of all, love of country.

Oath Keeper countermoonbats, appalled by Mad Maxine’s call for her supporters to publicly harass Republican officials, planned a demonstration outside her Los Angeles office Thursday. Waters responded by putting out a statement that inspired a counterprotest.

The planned confrontation never occurred; the Oath Keepers canceled so as to maintain peace after they were contacted by authorities. Nonetheless, some pro-Waters counterprotesters showed up, treating the public to a graphic display of what patriots are up against:

A number of protesters remained near the intersection of 102nd Street and Broadway long after police announced the Oath Keepers were no-shows. …

At one point, counterprotesters pulled a small American flag off of a pickup, doused it in lighter fluid and set it ablaze. The crowd then began chanting, cursing the government and saying, “America was never great.”

Here’s video, via Hot Air:

If you were wondering what sort of people would put someone of Maxine Waters’ caliber in a position of power, now you know. Yet John Phillips believes she could be the 2020 Democrat candidate for President. If the Democratic Party doesn’t pull out of its tailspin into radicalism, he could be right.

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