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Jun 13 2018

Suspected Pervert Exploits Starbucks to Photograph People’s Kids

Looks like the new all-inclusive policy Starbucks was bullied by social justice warriors and the media into adopting in the aftermath of police being called to extract two black troublemakers from a Philadelphia coffeeshop is paying dividends already in the suburbs not far away:

A woman’s report of a man taking pictures of her child inside a Montgomery County Starbucks has sparked a police investigation.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was inside the Starbucks in East Norriton Township Tuesday when she spotted a man taking pictures of her child. The woman spoke to a Starbucks employee about it but was told they couldn’t ask the man to leave, according to Natalie Mittica, who shared the woman’s Facebook post about the incident.

“The barista said, ‘I’m sorry, he’s been here all week doing this but we can’t ask him to leave,’” Mittica said.

Who can blame the barista for being petrified of ejecting weirdos after all 8,000 stores were closed last month at an estimated cost of $12 million so that employees could be subjected to inclusivity brainwashing?

How nice for the suspected pervert that he doesn’t even have to buy any coffee. If he gets overexcited, he has free use of the restrooms to relieve himself.

Less nice is that if he decides pictures aren’t enough and tracks down one of the kids, sanctimonious moonbats like Howard Schultz will have helped bring it about.

Starbucks corporate communications clarifies that he actually could have been asked to leave despite the new policies, on the grounds of not creating a “welcoming experience” for customers. It is highly doubtful that this would apply if the perv is a person of politically preferred pigmentation or belongs to some other protected group like men who dress in women’s clothes.

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