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Jun 08 2016

Swedish Schools Now Unsafe for Swedish Children

The displacement of the Swedish population by Islamic welfare colonists has reached the point that it is no longer safe for Swedish children to attend school:

More and more parents keep their children home from school, after children have been abused by newly arrived immigrant students who attend the Central School in Kristianstad.

Looks like they may have to change the name of the town. Too bad Islamabad is already taken.

Children who are beaten, kicked, choked and suffer other degrading treatment – It has now become everyday life at the Central School in Kristianstad. The school has received a large number of new students from the recent asylum chaos … it is the newly arrived immigrant children who create the problems.

You won’t need more than one guess as to whose side the educrats take.

The headmaster and teachers have urged the Swedish children to “walk away” if there are fights or conflict with immigrant children, a recipe that does not work.

Principal Annika Persson grudgingly met with parents to discuss the violent “refugee” children. She told them to be more understanding of immigrants, who may have traumatic backgrounds. No doubt many of them do, coming from lands populated by savages.

At the meeting, parents were told that 90–95% of school’s students are of foreign origin. The violence of the allegedly put-upon colonists was attributed to misunderstanding and cultural differences.

When parents balked at sending their children back into this jungle, they were reminded that keeping them out would violate the law.

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Now a word from the other parents.

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27 Responses to “Swedish Schools Now Unsafe for Swedish Children”

  1. Saxon Warrior says:

    Sweden is finished. The land of Abba, snow, and hardcore porn has thrown itself over a cliff with the lemmings.
    The Swedes are the canaries in the coalmine. What ever happens to them, other nations ruled by moonbats shall duly follow. I give them five years at the most.

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    On the bright side, students that are kept home will be exposed to less brainwashing. They will have the opportunity to have enlightening discussions with their parents. Such discussions might include:
    1. Why do these invaders not appreciate or show any sensitivity to our culture?
    2. What happens to cultures who have embraced such invaders In the past?
    3. Why don’t we own more guns and why aren’t we trained to use them?
    4. When did the term “Swedish” become synonymous with “Stupid?”

  3. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    If the situation truly is as described, the choice has been placed before Swedes: Fight or submit to slavery and worse. Time to get back some of that famous Norse/Viking ferocity. If they don’t fight, that would indeed be a bad sign.

  4. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Are we sure this isn’t from any public school in Mexifornia, New Palestine, Newark or Chicago?

    No Christian is safe anywhere on earth. Girls who refused to accept being gang raped are burned alive, children in the heart of once Christian Europe cannot go to school, Italians are forbidden to pray aloud inside their own churches. A Crusade is needed to rescue Christianity everywhere.

  5. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    That “bright side” will see the Dhimmi Regimes confiscate these children from their homes. Ultimately, their homes will be burned and the children sold as sex slaves which is the fate of the remaining Christians trapped in the Middle East, and the fate of children confiscated by the vast industrial child rape machine that already exists in Europe and America.

    Turning the other cheek is no longer an option – wielding the sword is the only option.

  6. rambler says:

    Sweden has become unsafe for the Swedes.

  7. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Europe is unsafe for Europeans, America is unsafe for Americans. See a pattern yet? It’s almost like there is an invasion…

  8. rambler says:

    Just what Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground wanted in the 70s. It just took this long to get it to happen.

  9. Logic_Mine says:

    It’s not “immigration” or “migration” , it’s called “INVASION”.

  10. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    yet this site encourages people to not vote for the republican candidate so that Hillary & her ILK can import more “parents” – the caption for the above article should be “Coming soon to a school near you”

  11. Logic_Mine says:

    “When did the term ‘Swedish’ become synonymous with stupid? ”
    The first time they said “yes” to accept a violent culture that had nothing in common with their own with no chance of assimilation, to invade their country.
    All under the “illusion” of helping those in need.

    What they “NEED” to do is go back and fought for their country.

  12. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Apparently the former Vikings have been fully sissified.

    Apologizes to all sissies out there; no offence intended.

  13. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

  14. Milwaukee says:

    When they came for the communist, I said nothing because I wasn’t a communist…..when they came for the Swedes, I said nothing because I was…. a Swede? …a fool? …a craven coward?….don’t know my a-hole from my elbow?

  15. Milwaukee says:

    Alas for Sweden. At least they gave us ABBA when they could.

  16. Saxon Warrior says:

    Then that is why need to keep our eyes on Sweden. Will they fight or will they submit? Their fate may determine the fate of others, or it may just be a lesson to others not to fall to the same fate.
    Keep watching.
    That’s also why I’m pleased that this site does not always focus on the U.S.A. but occasionally turns its eye towards other nations. We’re all part of the same jigsaw puzzle to a greater or lesser extent.

  17. Figbash says:

    Well that was quick.

  18. SWohio says:

    That school name will be changed soon, bet on it.

  19. irandom419 says:

    Just carry cans of Spam to school.

  20. Number 6 says:

    Sweden’s path towards national suicide, live on TV.

  21. Logic_Mine says:

    Cancer works fast.

  22. Michael Onoo says:

    They will infiltrate politics next

  23. Vote Third Party says:

    Not true. The Swedish people invited them in every time they stepped into a voting booth.

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  25. crankywhitewoman says:

    That noise you hear is Sweden circling the drain.

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