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Feb 14 2020

Switzerland Criminalizes Resistance to LGBT Agenda

Switzerland has served as an isolated island of sanity, immunized by its mountainous terrain from the epidemics of mental illness that sweep the rest of Europe. It still respects the fundamental right to bear arms, which is rarely honored elsewhere in the Old World. But moonbattery eats its way into everything, even Switzerland, where it will now be illegal to counter the transformative LGBT agenda.

Via Christian News:

Voters in Switzerland have approved a referendum to include so-called sexual orientation in the country’s anti-discrimination statutes, prohibiting public “hate speech” and denigration of homosexuals, as well as inciting hatred through text or images. Violators could face up to three years behind bars.

Such law can be used to criminalize the expression of any opinion radical activists want suppressed. Even to refer to sexual perversion as “sexual perversion” might result in imprisonment.

According to the Swiss government,

The new provision will prohibit public statements or actions that violate the human dignity of a person or group and which therefore incite a climate of hatred and endanger the peaceful coexistence of society. It will also be an offence to refuse to provide someone with a service that is publicly on offer because of their sexual orientation.

This is bad news for any Christian who regards it to be blasphemy to partake in homosexual “marriages,” be they bakers, photographers, filmmakers, or even priests. Official establishment of homosexual “marriage” in Switzerland is coming soon.

Mathias Reynard of the Swiss Socialist Party is delighted. “Homophobia is not an opinion. It’s a crime,” barks Reynard. “One in five homosexuals attempted suicide, half before the age of 20.”

Most sane people will probably regard this statistic as evidence that homosexuality is not a characteristic of good mental health, and that there are good reasons for the nearly universal proscription against it throughout place and time. In contrast, progressives take it as evidence that anyone critical of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda must be thrown in prison lest gays become upset by learning that not everyone finds their way of life admirable and appealing.

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