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Mar 12 2019

Symbolic Attempt to Preserve Greece

It would be hard to imagine a story more conspicuously symbolic of how Europe’s ruling class conspires with the Islamic hordes to eradicate European heritage. In Greece, the cradle of European civilization, which has already lost much of its land to Islam over the centuries, 36 locals were arrested for raising a metal cross on Lesbos “meant to deter migrants and refugees from reaching the island.”

Last time around, the Muslim–moonbat alliance did not get such direct help from the government:

A cement cross was similarly erected in August 2018, drawing the ire of the local “Coexistence and Communication in the Aegean” group…

This militant outfit accused the cement cross of “racism and intolerance.”

It labelled those who had erected it as “aspiring crusaders” and called on authorities to take it down.

Admittedly, the Crusaders were motivated by a desire to defend Christian civilization from encroaching Islam too.

It was destroyed by vandals in the night a month later but no-one was arrested.

Greece’s defenders remain defiant:


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