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Jul 17 2013

Syrian Insurgents Side With Saint Skittles

The nice thing about bad guys is that for the most part they all line up on the same side so that you know who they are. Even the Syrian rebels — best known for their ties to al Qaeda, for eating the hearts of their opponents, and for possibly using chemical weapons as they attempt to install an Islamic theocracy in Syria with the assistance of the Obama Regime — are voicing their outrage that George Zimmerman wasn’t thrown in jail for defending his life from Trayvon Martin:

“Martin family!,” reads a sign drawn up by the rebels in the Syrian town of Kafr Anbel, part of the Syrian city of Idlib. “The Syrians are the best who know what it’s like to lose loved ones by immune criminals.”

They should have sent a few terrorists over as character witnesses to testify for the prosecution. It would have been less farcical than hearing from Rachel Jeantel.

Being completely full of crap knows no international boundaries.

On a tip from Wiggins.

13 Responses to “Syrian Insurgents Side With Saint Skittles”

  1. grayjohn says:

    “The whole world is festering with unhappy souls.
    The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles.
    Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch.
    KIngston Trio.

  2. The Audacity of Hype says:

    Immune criminals? Sounds like the current regime transplanted from the cess ridden filth known as chicago.

  3. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    I guess they’re anti-Hispanic like the Democrats.

  4. Ummah Gummah says:


    I’d call this a case of siding with what they perceive to be the “strong horse”, knowing that Obama is on the side of thug St. Skittles.

    They also happen to hate any kind of “infidel” notions of Law and Order” so it is natural they’d side with whoever is perceived intent on breaking the law.

    Last but not least, way to curry favor with the regime to get even more “refugee” visas, free weapons and maybe even military intervention.


  5. StanInTexas says:

    I can’t figure why the Zimmerman case is a national issue, now it is an INTERNATIONAL story????

  6. Don't Tread says:

    Hymie Town wants the U.N. to investigate the Zimmerman trial:

  7. Doug says:

    They seem to forget that Assad is in power there, Obama in power here. We’re against everything Obama says and does, so what does that make us? The OPPOSITION retards!

  8. Doug says:

    Stan, now do you understand the terms “international communisim”?

  9. Xavier says:

    Um, Syrians? Straydog was an immune criminal – that’s why the libtards are so outraged. Now go get killed.

  10. Jester says:

    Obviously we need to deport Trayvon Martin supporters to Syria.

  11. Flu-Bird says:


  12. OldmanRick says:

    The al Qaeda bunch is siding with the brat against Zimmerman in hopes that they will receive those weapons previously promised by the brat.

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