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Jan 21 2020

Tampons in the Men’s Room at Oregon State

On college campuses, the inmates are running the asylum. Consequently, tampons will be provided in the men’s room at Oregon State University.

Via the Daily Barometer:

The Memorial Union and Student Experience Center will be including free feminine hygiene products and installing hygiene bins in all restrooms, regardless of gender. The installation will take place this winter term.

Both the MU and SEC, along with all other student-fee funded buildings were chosen by the Associated Students of Oregon State University to apply the initiative to their restrooms. According to the ASOSU Queer Affairs Coordinator, Julian Chu, this decision was made to fulfill the needs of people that have a menstruation without discriminating by gender and those who cannot afford personal hygiene products.

They can afford to go to college, but they cannot afford the tampons that they don’t need anyway because they aren’t women. So they are forced to pay through fees for tampons in the men’s room.

Putting ideology before everything takes moonbats to some crazy places.

ASOSU vice president Kylie Boenisch proclaims that students must be forced to pay for free tampons in the men’s room because,

“Products for other normal bodily functions are free in our everyday life, such as toilet paper, tissues, etc. Access to products is not a privilege, it’s a right.”

This is a reminder that if you give people anything for free, they will soon come to believe that they are entitled to it. Then they will demand more.

“What we hope to achieve in regards [sic] to applying it to all buildings and having the end goal be where OSU pays for these products otherwise students will still be paying for these menstrual products,” Chu said.

Spoken like a true socialist. Students must be forced to pay for free tampons, the vast majority of which won’t even be used if they are put in the men’s room; otherwise students will have to pay for tampons.

In utopia, everyone will be forced to pay for everything, so that no one will have to pay for anything. Tampons in the men’s room give an idea of how wisely our shrinking wealth will be allocated.

Why would anyone think tampon dispensers are needed in the men’s room? Because according to the liberal ideology prevailing on campus, gender is an arbitrary distinction. Men can have periods too. Progressives literally believe this.

If those living in the alternate moonbat universe of higher education can be that astonishingly wrong about something so basic and obvious, you have to wonder what lunacy they are learning in their publicly subsidized classes.

Hat tips: Liberty Daily, College Fix.

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