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Oct 05 2020

Tara Reade Tells All

Looks like I misjudged 60 Minutes. I thought it was moonbat propaganda, produced by political hacks in support of the Democratic Party. But it has demonstrated the journalistic integrity to stop ignoring Tara Reade, who at great personal sacrifice revealed that Joe Biden’s infamous handsiness crossed the line with her into sexual assault.

Via Breitbart:

She told 60 Minutes Australia that he would put his hands on her and would run his fingers under her hair.

60 Minutes Australia. That explains it.

Reade said she never told him to stop because she was “too scared” to do so.

She said he touched other women because “he seemed to lack boundaries with women.” …

Reade then emotionally recounted the alleged attack by Biden in a Senate corridor, saying he spread her legs with his knee and she “was trying to get away from him.”

Reade claimed she pulled away after he “penetrated me with his fingers.”

She said she she fought the attack, he “looked annoyed,” and said, “c’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

“C’mon man.” Sounds like Biden, all right. If pigs fly and Biden is ever prosecuted for sexual assault or cronic corruption, his defense in court will be, “C’mon man.”

Watch the segment the US version of 60 Minutes would be unlikely to show you:

On a tip from Rapinhoe.


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One Response to “Tara Reade Tells All”

  1. […] One of the few coherent sentences to emerge from Biden’s word salad was “I think it’s really important we listen.” Democrats often say the opposite of what they mean. What Biden means is: Do not listen to women like Tara Reade. […]


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