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Feb 20 2012

Tea Party and Occupy Protest Obama’s Opulent SF Fundraisers

Obama has become so objectionable in his crony capitalist excesses that he can bridge the vast gulf between pro-liberty Tea Partiers and Marxist Occucommies, uniting them if only momentarily in opposition against him. When the Campaigner in Chief came to San Francisco last Thursday for a series of aristocratic fundraisers, he was greeted with contempt from both ends of the spectrum. But not even loathing of the Lightworker could make upstanding patriots and smelly communist vermin like each other. Zombie’s excellent account of the visit includes the photos below.

The good:


The bad:

Asterisks added.

The ugly:


In light of Barry having received a piece of Jan Brewer’s mind, the Obamunists at SF Weekly lisped,

After that insane finger-wagging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer gave President Obama on the tarmac in Phoenix the other day, it’s no wonder the president would prefer to be campaigning in San Francisco, where we don’t mind gays or immigrants [et cetera ad nauseam].

Unfortunately for B. Hussein, he did not escape wagging fingers even in the heart of Moonbatlandia:


But the lowly commoners outside, patriots and moonbats alike, were unlikely to make much of an impression on Lord Obama as he munched caviar with the ultra-rich and made massive withdrawals from his West Coast ATM.

Thank you Zombie. Tips from IslandLifer and Gary A. Hat tip: Fund47.

3 Responses to “Tea Party and Occupy Protest Obama’s Opulent SF Fundraisers”

  1. Unonymous says:

    pic #3: Occupy outer space, brah.

  2. TonyD95B says:

    I thought Picture No. 3 was Vermin Supreme.

    I hear he beat Obama in the last poll…..

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