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Dec 15 2016

Teacher Asked Trump-Supporting Students to Stand and Be Shamed

Regarding the story of Olga Perez Stable Cox, the Orange Coast College “human sexuality teacher” who was recorded decrying Trump’s election as an “act of terror,” resulting in threats of legal action against student Josh Recalde-Martinez for recording her, here’s a little follow-up:

Tanner Webb and Noah Faerber told KCBS-TV other things Cox said during class — when video wasn’t secretly rolling — were particularly intimidating. Such as asking Trump backers in the room to stand up.

“She was saying dehumanizing things about Trump supporters,” Webb told KCBS, “and nobody felt like they could stand up. Me, in fear of my grade. And then she said, ‘I bet none of you will stand up because you’re embarrassed for yourselves. The rest of the class should look out for them and know who to protect themselves from.’”

“Students shouldn’t be shamed for their political beliefs,” Faerber added to the station, “or who they vote for.”

“Nobody wants to stand up and be publicly humiliated by a teacher who holds the power in the classroom like that,” Webb noted to KCBS.

For all the yapping about safe spaces, the moonbats running colleges are making those who won’t toe the leftist line feel anything but safe.

As for Recalde-Martinez,

The Orange Coast College dean of students will determine what happens to the student who recorded the video, the station said.

Whether the teacher’s union follows through on threats to bring legal action against him also remains to be seen.

Here’s another glimpse of Olga Perez Stable Cox in action, educating the young by denouncing the “hateful” people who populate their county:

The last part, where she barks about making sure no students are treated unfairly or feel unsafe, is not exactly reassuring.

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22 Responses to “Teacher Asked Trump-Supporting Students to Stand and Be Shamed”

  1. CLZR says:

    What people should be ashamed of is these kind of people in the classroom.

  2. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Regarding the possible prosecution, CA is a two-party state, so the student may have broken the law by recording without the instructors permission. It is a bit grey, since there is precedent for the idea that teachers in the classroom have no expectation of privacy.

    All that said, the CA law is seldom enforced. But selective enforcement has always been a favorite tool of the tyrant.

  3. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Agreed. The first amendment, unfortunately, protects her right to spout her hate. It doesn’t give her the right to abuse her authority to try to silence others. That needs to be vigorously challenged. If it was a private school not receiving government funds, fair enough. However, for people at a local community college, it might be a hardship to seek other options. Need to go after offenders like her hard. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening in CA right now.

  4. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I would charge the teacher with an attempt to deny me my civil rights. If the dean agrees with the teacher, I would charge them both with conspiracy to deny rights.

    Let the left stew in their own juice.

  5. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Yep, that would be a solid strategy. Whether or not they go after the student for recording, the students’ civil rights beef remains.

  6. MAS says:

    It’s California, nobody would prosecute and the 9th District court would agree with the teacher.

  7. MAS says:

    Makes me want to go back to college and take as many of these classes as I can. Not interested in a grade/degree or job advancement at this point and I could stand up with no worries. Toe to toe with a leftist fascist prof…could be some kind of fun. Fun until they kicked me off the campus.

    Ultimately we either need to not care about the grades etc and fight back in the arena of ideas or walk away from these secular humanist parochial schools.

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    You are, undoubtedly, correct.

    I wonder why Mexico will not take back California?

  9. Mr. Freemarket says:

    As a federal statute, civil rights offenses can result in a 10 year prison term.

    Ahhhh…to dream!!!

  10. Mr. Freemarket says:

    It doesn’t however, allow her to spout off comments having nothing to do with what she is being paid for. I’d work to have her fired for not doing her job. If I were a student, I’d charge her with fraud.

  11. Mr. Freemarket says:

    One needs to examine what kind of education one actually desires and needs. When I was in school, the idea was to learn ideas and develop tools to solve problems.

    Then again…that was a while ago, too.

  12. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    There might indeed be an angle there.

  13. MAS says:

    They make more money off the victim host through their economic invaders than if they took the whole state…for now.

  14. Moonbattery Cuck says:

    Dave, I’m not ashamed to admit that, just like you, I voted Hillary. Why are you ashamed to admit it?

  15. MiloMason says:

    “Teacher Asked Trump-Supporting Students to Stand and Be Shamed”
    –Fortunately, Trump-hating students are EASILY recognizable !!!!!!

  16. Ghost of lao says:

    That looks exactly like Blount as soon as he read my last comment which he promptly deleted like the pansy coward cuck he is.

  17. octa bright says:

    Even at an inexpensive college a 3 hour course will cost about $1,600. That’s a steep price for taunting a bloody fool.

  18. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Clearly if Mexico took back California, it wouldn’t take long to turn it into the same paradise as is the rest of Mexico.

  19. Donald Woodworth says:

    Recalde-Martinez should get a yellow armband with a T on one side and Star of David on the other. This would emphasize the true lineage of such ‘shaming.’

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