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Oct 09 2018

Teacher Calls for Assassination of Kavanaugh

Character assassination did not suffice to block a Supreme Court nomination that liberals didn’t like. They can either back off and start playing by the rules of our constitutional republic, or they can push the envelope farther still. A teacher in Minnesota opts for the latter:

A Rosemount special education teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after posting a tweet Saturday that appeared to call for the killing of new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The teacher, listed as an instructor at the Intermediate School District 917’s Alliance Education Center, has since deleted her Twitter account but her tweet was captured and shared by scores of users who said they reported it to the FBI and U.S. Secret Service.

The tweet read as follows:

So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?

That was written by a teacher. The future is not looking bright.

The teacher was not named because she has not been charged with a crime. Local authorities are not investigating:

After she comes back from her paid vacation, she can give herself a gold star for speaking Truth to Power.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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