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Apr 08 2019

Teacher Denounces 6th Grader’s Choice of POTUS as Hero

If you think the bias in the “mainstream” media is heavy-handed, imagine what kids are subjected to in public schools. In Lake Ronkomkoma, Long Island, a little girl chose the President of the USA as her hero. In front of other kids, the teacher denounced her choice:

When sixth-graders at Samoset Middle School were assigned to pick a hero on whom they would write a report, 11-year-old Bella Moscato said her choice was a no-brainer.

Donald Trump has been her hero since she was 8. But that choice was forbidden.

Bella says her teacher said Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women” in front of another teacher and students in the class. The teacher told her to pick another hero.

Who’s spreading negativity?

The teacher suggested she choose Obama instead. No doubt Che Guevara also would have been acceptable.

By now, homeschooling advocates can rest their case.

The Sachem Central School District Superintendent says Bella was allowed to choose Trump — but apparently not without undergoing a public shaming in front of her peers.

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