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Jun 27 2019

Tears of a Clown: Don Lemon

The crisis at the border is so extreme that even CNN has become aware of it. A few months ago, Don Lemon denied its existence. But now that the media has another dead child picture to exploit, the supposedly nonexistent crisis moves him to the verge of tears:

The Muslim invasion of Europe was greatly facilitated by the picture of a drowned Syrian boy that the liberal media milked for every drop of pathos. Exploiting the horrible picture of the father and daughter face down in the Rio Grande might prove less effective.

Despite the absurd but predictable attempts to pin this on Trump, first to blame was Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez himself, who brought a 2-year-old with him to commit an act of war by invading a foreign country. Second to blame is Democrats. If we defended our border like a sane country that has not been rendered dysfunctional by moonbattery, people would not attempt to invade it. If it were not for Democrats, no one in El Salvador would think of dragging a small child along as an admission ticket.

On tips from Varla and Kate P. Hat tip: Citizen Free Press.

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