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Sep 10 2016

Ted Cruz Leads the Charge to Stop Obama’s Internet Giveaway

Obama’s most damaging legacy may not be his enabling of the terrorists running Iran after all. Giving away control of the Internet to foreign powers who do not share America’s commitment to freedom may be worse still. Ted Cruz outlines the threat it poses to economic freedom, political liberty, national security, and rule of law under the Constitution:

This man could have been our next president. But no; someone decided it would be a good idea to let Democrats vote in Republican primaries. So we will end up with Shrillary instead.

On tips from Torcer and Ben S.

85 Responses to “Ted Cruz Leads the Charge to Stop Obama’s Internet Giveaway”

  1. KirklesWorth says:

    Too bad, so sad…

  2. pro-Trump Troll says:

    Cruz is a loser and all his supporters are morons! So vote for Trump! no matter how many times we insult you!
    We don’t need you, but if Trump! loses, it’s all your fault!
    To Hell with the GOP base! You must vote for Trump! because you have no alternative! Bwahahahaha!

  3. pro-Trump Troll says:

    And nothing Cruz says has any validity! We won’t need anybody like him in 2024! Conservatism is finally dead in the GOP!

  4. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny, I was responding to the bellyaching:

    This man could have been our next president. But no; someone decided it would be a good idea to let Democrats vote in Republican primaries. So we will end up with Shrillary instead.

  5. I❤️Trump says:

    WTF is wrong with torces and Ben and BLOUNT!! They’re STILL BITCHING WHINING AND MOANING ABOUT CRUZ??? Are you kidding me?? This is the first time in a year I’ve been on this site, for good reason. What a motley crew of pathetic shitlery supporters. You dipshits should be embarrassed, acting like a bunch of poop butt five year olds. How many readers has this site lost? I hear it’s going the way of the blaze, Glenda Beck. I’m still shaking my fracking head. Cruz is done, his fracking career is over. Get over it, tards.

  6. Kevcar says:

    A bridge burning turncoat? So when he was standing up to the establishment repubs (who we all supposedly despise), that was burning bridges or was that being a turncoat?

  7. geeknerd says:

    Keep insulting us while demanding that we vote for Rockefeller, er, I mean, Trump! Are we Cruz supporters your “basket of deplorables”? Who will be the GOP’s nomination in 2024? Will there even BE a GOP in 2024? Not if you keep insulting the base.

  8. KirklesWorth says:

    Google “Ted Cruz burned bridges” Cruz before turncoat:

    “I’m pleased to welcome Donald Trump into the race for the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States. His experience as a successful businessman and job creator will prove crucial to ensuring the eventual GOP nominee is not only well-equipped to defeat Hillary Clinton in November, but also to make America great again.”

    “When it comes to Donald Trump, I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific. I think he’s brash. I think he speaks the truth,” Cruz said during an interview on “Fox and Friends” promoting his new book. “And I think NBC is engaging in political correctness that is silly and that is wrong.”

    “He’s bold and brash, and he’s willing to speak the truth. And he’s taking on the Washington cartel,” Cruz said.
    “I appreciate Donald focusing on illegal immigration,” Cruz said. “I’ve been proud to defend him for focusing on illegal immigration.”

    “Quite a few members of this field have attacked Donald Trump. A lot of folks in the media have asked me ‘Ted Cruz, will you do the same?’ I have been glad to praise Donald Trump for speaking out boldly and brashly and for focusing on illegal immigration.”

    The Establishment’s only hope: Trump & me in a cage match. Sorry to disappoint — @realDonaldTrump is terrific. #DealWithIt

  9. KirklesWorth says:

    If Hillary is elected, kiss any GOP nomination goodbye after Hillary imports millions of illegal democrats.

  10. I❤️Trump says:

    OMG, I wish you could hear yourself. You should be embarrassed, but being a shitlery supporter, you are not wired with normal emotions or common sense and intelligence. You’re nothing but a dead and/or dying Cruzbot. Sucks to be you, brah! You need to bury cruzfreak and get on with whatever life you have.

  11. I❤️Trump says:

    HILLARY IS A LOSER. ITS OVER FOR THE BEAST! I just can’t wait for idiots like you to start kissing Trump’s butt when he wins, but you ain’t never gonna get access. HA! GFY!

  12. Kevcar says:

    And Cruz didn’t attack Trump personally until Trump started with the lyin Ted crap, the attacks on his wife and Dad etc. No man would or should take that kind of crap laying down and Cruz didn’t. Policy disagreements are expected but trump went way past that with his gutter attacks. So according to you, Cruz should have just taken all those lies and kissed trumps ring? No way!

  13. Kevcar says:

    Another example of the brilliance supporting trump. He even insults someone on his side. Maybe if I put everything in capitals they will think I’m really really smart!!!

  14. Kevcar says:

    Oh no! I won’t get access to trumps butt to kiss? Would that be because your head is in the way? Tardo.

  15. TrojanMan says:

    Question, in your opinion who was the last conservative nominated by the GOP?

  16. KirklesWorth says:

    The “Ted Cruz is the only adult in the room” came crashing down and he ended up being a whiny politician just like the rest of them. If he would have followed Reagan’s advice of not criticizing our own, he’d probably be the candidate right now. Trump’s comments about Cruz’s wife and dad were self-inflicted damage that Cruz could have risen above – but no such luck.

  17. KirklesWorth says:

    If you’ve got a point to make – make it. I’m not doing your research for you.

  18. TrojanMan says:

    You are incapable of answering a simple question. What research is there to do? I am asking for your opinion. IN YOUR OPINION who was the last conservative nominated by the GOP?

  19. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, I’m not offering opinions to Hillary-conceders that won’t make their point.

  20. TrojanMan says:

    You are not offering an opinion because you are a pussy. I cannot offer a point unless you provide your opinion. You expect others to provide answers to your questions yet do not provide direct easy answers to questions asked you. That is called a hypocrite. Provide an answer and I will provide my opinion to the same question, but we all know you won’t do it. As angry pussy would say… chickenshit

  21. Kevcar says:

    So Cruz should have ignored trumps lies of Cruz having affairs, attacking his wife, maligning his father. When he defended his family, that makes him a whiner? How is it that Trump makes up and spreads the lies, but that is Cruz’s self inflicted damage? So do you feel trump crossed the decency line when he made up and spread these lies?

  22. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s fine. If you don’t have a point to make other than a response to my opinion, then you must not have had much of a point to make in the first place.

  23. TrojanMan says:

    If you want a point then i will provide one. But we all know you are too chicken to provide it. Bye

  24. KirklesWorth says:

    Wow…you mock like middle-school bully. Tough luck chump, but those who won’t fight to defeat Hillary aren’t worth discussing political opinions with. But please…go ahead and make you point anyway.

  25. KirklesWorth says:

    “Trump’s comments about Cruz’s wife and dad were self-inflicted damage” means the damage was self-inflicted by Trump, not Cruz (thus Trump + bad comments = self-inflicted damage by Trump to himself).

    But yes, if Cruz was the “bigger man”, he should have let the left-wing media rake Trump over the coals by themselves and stayed above the fray. The result of Trump’s and Cruz’s behaviors speaks for themselves, and my feelings on those matters are irrelevant.

  26. J.j. Cintia says:

    Cruz is one desperate dude now. He’s about to lose his seat so he’s pretending he can do something, but when he was running he wanted to increase H-1B visas by 500%, putting more Americans out of work. He can be a Jimmy Swaggert fake preacher man all he wants to, but he supported TTP all the way. He would have flipped on amnesty faster than George W. if he had won.
    There hasn’t been any real conservatives in the GOPe dope circus tent since Buchanan, Reagan and Goldwater. Everyone else is a bought and paid for shill.

  27. TrojanMan says:

    “There hasn’t been any real conservatives in the GOPe dope circus tent since Buchanan, Reagan and Goldwater. Everyone else is a bought and paid for shill.” That would also include Trump. Trump has already flipped on amnesty. Cruz is not part of the GOPe.

    Cruz will remain my senator. I bet you like John Cornyn though. Your TCDS fantasy will have to remain just that.

  28. Kevcar says:

    Thank you for the clarification on what you ment by self inflicted. Your probably right Cruz should have ignored them but perhaps the Latin fire in his heritage took over. Some guys are very protective of their family. Probably not the worst habit a guy could have. You would think no one with a brain would have believed that crap anyway and yet every day we see people post on here that obviously did and even still do! That is one sad commentary on the intelligence of the American public isn’t it. I understand that everything you and I post is irrelevant and all we are doing is burning time in our lives, but I was just curious as to your opinion.

  29. KirklesWorth says:

    Trump has already flipped on amnesty.

    That depends on which anti-Trump source you decide to cite. The left-wing anti-Trump Huffington Post says Don’t Be Fooled: Donald Trump’s Immigration Plans Have Not Changed He still wants to kick millions out of the country ASAP.

    Translation: He’s not changing his plan, and he still wants to expel as many undocumented immigrants as possible ― whether it’s by deporting them or by making their lives so difficult that they leave on their own.

  30. KirklesWorth says:

    I would have supported Cruz as much, if not more than, Trump at this point. But we’ve got to make the best with what we’ve been given.

  31. MAS says:

    I blocked this bot some time ago. Its story remains the same…attack attack attack with no real discourse. Classic troll…

  32. Kevcar says:

    Thank you for answering. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  33. TrojanMan says:

    You are 100% correct. Asked a simple question, it deflected and refused to answer. Sad that it is incapable of being human. Anything short of licking the dingleberries off trumps butt hairs is a “hillary-conceder”.

  34. Cruz Control says:

    Hi Funkenstein Torcer!

  35. I❤️Trump says:

    You know you’re gonna be begging for it, loser. I’d love to be there when you do the big turn around you facking idiot. I despise ignorant anuses like you. You and your pathetic two faced a$$ kissing cruzbots who are still carrying a torch for that loser Cruz. You should consider some deep soul searching, but you need a soul to do that, TARD.

  36. I❤️Trump says:

    You are the cruzbotdelporables, jagoff. The GOP is dead and gone. We are now the party of Trump of which you and your ilk are not welcome. It’s funny that you’d think that loser Cruz will ever have a shot at the presidency. You are as stupid as they come. That loser’s career is over. He has no bridges left to burn. Stick a fork in him, he is done. By the way, the GOP is going the way of the Whigs. They won’t be around in 2024. Now run along and go kiss shitlery’s ass.

  37. Cruz Control says:

    “pro-Trump Troll” = Torcer (ever since Dave banned Funkenstein)

    It’s funny because I don’t have to invent a sock puppet named “anti-Trump Troll” because we already have at least half a dozen of them!

  38. FivePointSpurgeon says:

    “This man could have been our next president.”

    No, thanks. We’ll take the guy who’s said the right things about immigration since last October AND wants to fight it out with Hillary.

  39. Kevcar says:

    Amazing. I didn’t think you could prove yourself to be a bigger ass but you did, congratulations!! Your so mad that Cruz didn’t kiss trumps ass like you that you refuse to acknowledge anything good that he does. Considering he is about the only one fighting Obamas giving control of the Internet away, you must be fine with it. You would rather lose control of the Internet than give Cruz credit for doing what a Senator should do. That’s insane.

  40. I❤️Trump says:

    You’re hoping he’ll remain your senator, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I wish you cruzers would just get over it already. Politics is a blood sport and is not for the weak. Cruz lost. That’s it. End of story. I was for him till he started pulling that crap with Glenda Beck and preaching with that big bible. He is the GOPe. Trump is not bought and paid for, but Cruz sure is. Nor is Trump a shill. Heard of Goldman Sachs?? Trump has not flipped on amnesty, either. He’s softened a little, and I still like his proposal. But you go ahead and vote for shitlery. She’s not gonna win anyway, so no biggie. Oh yeah, I despise John Cornyn.

  41. I❤️Trump says:

    Your screen name fits you to a T, Dick.

  42. TrojanMan says:


  43. Melaniejtacker says:

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  44. Feet2Fire - The Deplorable says:

    Unless he brings up the dangerous possibility of someone highjacking the D.N.S. system and spoofing entities like online financial sites, banks and retailers, Cruz is missing the boat. –And frankly, cannot tolerate his nasal twangy whine enough to listen to what he said. So… Thanks for trying, Ted, and hope you hit the important points and didn’t just put folks to sleep with your monotone…

    Hope many others have contacted their Congress-people to fight this lunacy of letting “outsiders” muck around with domain names and Net traffic flow.

  45. Tom says:

    ” But no; someone decided it would be a good idea to let Democrats vote in Republican primaries.”

    ??? Who was it that decided this? Was it just one person? It sure as hell wasn’t Trump.

  46. saturn says:

    Cruz started great and was untouchable for quite a while. But then Trump said the right thing: Stop all Muslim immigration. We were many who waited for Cruz to match that. He didn’t and lost.

  47. Tom says:

    Cruz always looks like he’s badly constipated.

  48. The wall of the stall says:

    Ted Cruz for president 2020, bwaaaaaa,ha ha lmao!
    If the bit¢h gets in it’s over, goodbye republic.
    Stick that in your conscience Ted!

  49. N0T2L8 says:

    Wow.. what a bunch of Cruz trashing in these comments. I imagine its the same treatment he gets from the spineless rinos he has to work with. If someone is trying to stop obama they get my thanks, I don’t care if their name is Cruz or Pelosi.

    Thank you Senator Cruz.

  50. KenoshaMarge says:

    Yeah, that’s gonna happen any day now.

  51. KenoshaMarge says:

    You bet we don’t welcome the party of Trump. You can worship at his feet but anyone with a brain and a conscience will not.
    I voted for Ted Cruz. I still think he’s the better man. But that has nothing to do with not wanting a creepy, ignorant, immoral, POS like Trump to sit in the White House. Not to mention that many Americans, left right and in the middle, think Trump is nuts. I’m one of them.
    And I won’t be voting for Hillary either. She’s as big a POS and liar as he is.

  52. Cruz Control says:

    Hi Funkenstein Torcer! I knew you’d squeeze Pelosi in there somewhere. You’d love to do her, wouldn’t you?

  53. KirklesWorth says:

    Anti-Trumpers have the thinnest skin. How is “If Hillary is elected, kiss any GOP nomination goodbye after Hillary imports millions of illegal democrats.” and attack on anyone?

  54. KirklesWorth says:

    Normally Ted Cruz is relegated as old news, but the Cruz-lost-bellyachers keep coming back to mourn the loss of their hero.

  55. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny how someone who “blocked this bot some time ago” somehow knows “attack attack attack with no real discourse”. MAS would certainly know what “no real discourse” is as well as being a “classic troll”.

  56. N0T2L8 says:

    Bellyaching happens all the time on all sides and you can trash them if you want.. but I don’t get the Cruz trashing when he is trying to stop obama?

  57. N0T2L8 says:

    If you’d check my posting history you will see I’m neither of those people… and yes, IF pelosi was trying to stop bozo’s destruction I would say thanks to her/it.

  58. TrojanMan says:

    I am conceding nothing to Hillary. How does pointing out the fact that a Trump nomination made a Hitlery win inevitable means conceding to Hitlery? You keep pasting my comments hoping that the meaning will change but alas they will not.

  59. TrojanMan says:

    Who has the weak thin skin that won’t answer a simple question… That that you be you.

  60. […] Just another body blow to our liberties from Team Obama. Like I always say, the Left destroys everything, especially freedom […]

  61. […] Just another body blow to our liberties from Team Obama. Like I always say, the Left destroys everything, especially freedom […]

  62. KirklesWorth says:

    I can’t speak for the others, but my comments are not about Cruz but about those still mourning him losing. More power to him stopping Obama!

  63. KirklesWorth says:

    I know your meaning will not change, because you stated it so clearly from the beginning. Your words speak for themselves so I don’t need to change anything. The only changing goin on here is by you after-the-fact.

    TrojanMan: That’s too late. She was elected the moment Trump won the nomination which is why I have always told you that it does not matter who you vote for.

    You later confirmed it with:

    Yes i agree that by nominating Trump made a hillary win inevitable. Because Trump is a progressive and the only one Hillary could have possibly beat.

  64. KirklesWorth says:

    I give up Mr. Fudd, in my opinion who was the last conservative nominated by the GOP?

  65. TrojanMan says:

    That’s what I have been asking you moron.

  66. KirklesWorth says:

    “Moron”? Harsh! Do you call all people who won’t disclose their opinions to your demands, or just those that can’t help you make your non-existent point?

  67. TrojanMan says:

    You twist a question into a statement. SOP for you. I asked ” How does pointing out the fact that a Trump nomination made a Hitlery win inevitable means conceding to Hitlery?”

  68. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe you are as dumb as you act.

    Simple Definition of concede (Mirriam Webster) 1. to say that you accept or do not deny the truth or existence of (something) : to admit (something) usually in an unwilling way; 2. to admit that you have been defeated and stop trying to win, 3. to give away (something) usually in an unwilling way.

    “That’s too late”
    “She was elected the moment Trump won the nomination”
    “nominating Trump made a hillary win inevitable”

  69. TrojanMan says:

    I will never concede to hillary or her donor Trump. I will fight them both. Just stating a fact that Trump allowed a hillary win. Bye

  70. KirklesWorth says:

    You have conceded to Hillary, and are attacking Trump to fulfill your prediction. I originally said “A distinction without a difference”, but that’s not really correct – you are equating Trump to Hillary, which is just ridiculous.

  71. JustAl says:

    Cruz never had a remote chance of winning a national election. I doubt you could ask a dozen people on the streets of Dallas what his main policy views are and get more than half who even know who he is.

    He hasn’t got the name recognition, hasn’t got the charisma, hasn’t got a party to back him or the money to back himself.

    Thinking Cruz could have been president EXCEPT as a follow up to being Trump’s VP is simply a dillusion.

  72. I❤️Trump says:

    Too bad, so sad. There are many, many more Americans that know he’s the one for the job. Think what you will. He will be our next president. Every adjective you’ve foamed at the mouth with about Trump fits Cruz perfectly. If he were so beloved, why isn’t he where Trump is, eh? Because many American, left right and in the middle, know he’s bought and paid for, I. E., Goldman Sach, and he is less than capable. He and Glenn Beck… That says it all. Cruz and his bots are certified whack jobs.

  73. I❤️Trump says:

    He looks like Eddie munster’s grandfather. Look it up. They’re twins.

  74. I❤️Trump says:

    The cruzbots on this site have driven so many people away. Their undying devotion to Cruz is unbelievable and pathetic. They’re a laughing stock out in the real world. The bots are like the walking undead zombies. I see this site going the way of the blaze, sooner rather than later. What a joke.

  75. I❤️Trump says:

    He ain’t gonna accomplish shit. Besides, he has to somehow look like he’s working or trying to do something constructive. His politicking days are over. He has no bridges left to burn. Everyone in the senate hates him, and they did even before he ran. Tsk tsk tsk.

  76. N0T2L8 says:

    You’re probably right.. he wont get anything accomplished but its not because he didn’t try to stop obamacare or the iran deal or bozo’s dreamers crap or any number of debt ceiling increases.. he wont get it done because all the senators that hate him are the same ones that have caved in to obama and the democrats on absolutely everything for the last 8 years. The gopE are no different than the dems.

  77. Cruz Control says:

    You’re sick in the head.

  78. Cruz Control says:

    Hey #NeverTrumpers: plan on giving Hillary your “sympathy vote”?

  79. TrojanMan says:

    Your GOD king might have a chance now if they can either manage to pry the truth out about her health or they replace her. It will be interesting to see. You full well know no one on here is voting for the dyke.

  80. N0T2L8 says:

    Yep.. could be… lol.

  81. Cruz Control says:

    Hi “anti-Trump Troll”!

  82. TrojanMan says:

    May i use that pic as my profile pic?

  83. TrojanMan says:

    Actually i should thank angry pussy for this pic. It is the one who.found it. I like it thanks!!

  84. […] Cruz leads the charge to stop Obama’s internet giveaway […]

  85. […] While we have been distracted by a sideshow of election between two equally unfit progressives cut from identical cloth, Obama has been preparing to take America down another notch by giving away control of the Internet — and Ted Cruz has been leading the charge to stop him: […]

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