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May 12 2021

Ted Cruz on the Ultimate Democrat Power Grab

Once they got their hands on the levers of power, the radicalized Democratic Party pulled all of them all the way to the left, in open defiance of the American people, few of whom would ever have voted for Biden if they hadn’t been duped by his media enablers into thinking he is a harmless moderate. After only a few months, we already see the effects, as severe inflation gets a foothold and the post-Covid economic recovery stalls. Yet the Democrats double down, arrogantly leaving the border open to invasion, flagrantly wasting astounding sums of money, paying people not to work, making energy unreliable and unaffordable, demonizing the police, brainwashing children with critical race theory poison. It’s as if they think they will never have to face voters again.

That’s exactly what they do think.

The ultimate Democrat power grab — essentially a coup d’état — passed the House as HR1. Now the Orwellian “For the People Act” is before the Senate. Ted Cruz weighs in on it:

This legislation would register millions of illegal aliens to vote. It is intended to do that. It is intended to do that because Democrats have made the decision that millions of illegal aliens voting are likely to vote for Democrats. This would register vast numbers of criminals and felons to vote because Democrats have made the decisions that criminals and felons are likely to vote for Democrats.

This legislation strikes down virtually every voter integrity law adopted at the state level, voter ID laws. Over 70% of Americans support voter ID laws. By the way, over 60% of African Americans in this country support voter ID laws. Twenty-nine states have voter ID laws on the books. What does this legislation do? Strikes them all down. Says it’s illegal for any state to have a voter ID law.

Ballot harvesting—31 states prohibit ballot harvesting. Why? Because it is a corrupt practice where paid operatives handle the ballots of someone else. And it has repeatedly led to instances of stealing votes. What does this bill do? It strikes down all 31 states’ restrictions on ballot harvesting.

This bill turns the Federal Election Commission from a bipartisan agency into a partisan agency, into a partisan agency controlled by Democrats. Why? Because Democrats want Chuck Schumer in charge of the Federal Election Commission. The effect of that, I will point out, will be that every Republican senator and every Republican House member will be investigated, will be fined, will be prosecuted by the Federal Election Commission.

Democrats wouldn’t like it if Republicans were to take over and be in charge of the politicized FEC, even if the GOP would be far less likely to abuse it. But they are confident that this will never happen. If this bill becomes law, the next legitimate US election will take place only after it has been forcibly repealed.

It is often remarked that you can tell what Democrats are up to by listening to what they accuse their opponents of doing. They claim without merit that those who insist on election integrity are suppressing votes. They are the ones suppressing votes, employing the same tactic they use to destroy the value of our savings. Just as they dilute our bank accounts toward worthlessness by printing vast amounts of money, they dilute our votes with invalid ones.

They accuse those who object to voter fraud of being insurrectionists. They are the ones overthrowing our system of government.

The For the People Act will never make it through a legitimate Supreme Court, because it takes control of elections away from the states. So that they could gauge the level of resistance they will encounter, Democrats have let us know in advance that they plan to pack the Supreme Court (see here, here, here, here, and here). When a packed court consisting of leftist apparatchiks gives the thumbs up to the For the People Act, ensuring single party rule, the insurrection will be complete.


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