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Sep 07 2016

Ted Cruz Rips Obama for Siding With Kaepernick Against America

As noted previously, while in communist China Obama barked support for Colin Kaepernick, a grotesquely overpaid athlete who refuses to stand for the national anthem in protest against the iniquity of America. None of this sits well with Ted Cruz, one of the few politicians who sincerely understand and appreciate what this country is all about:

Via The Right Scoop, on a tip from Torcer.

62 Responses to “Ted Cruz Rips Obama for Siding With Kaepernick Against America”

  1. Jodie says:

    God bless Ted Cruz! His words in that clip are like manna from Heaven for me.

  2. TrojanMan says:

    Ted will remain a senator from Texas. Trump and his cult followers.will fail to unseat him. I bet Trumpians like the RINO Cornyn though. He is the one that needs replaced.

  3. Kevcar says:

    What’s really sad is that’s Senator Cruz’s true words are so rare today. 100 years ago every senator from both parties would have said the same thing. Now there are maybe a handful that say things like this and truly mean them.

  4. Tom says:

    Manna from heaven? So…you’ve been wandering in the wilderness?

  5. TrojanMan says:

    Just curious, what is worse for a Trumpite, an article critical of Trump or an article praising Cruz?

  6. J.j. Cintia says:

    Cruz is desperate. He is losing badly. People see he’s not really American now. He will say and do anything for power this guy. His fake Bible thumping antics give all Christians a bad name, especially when he gets caught frequenting Whorehouses in Washington. I suppose you “conservatives” will keep supporting clowns like this, and Nicky Haley too. Trump was born here and loves America. I’m sick and tired of these damned hyphenated Americans. They are the curse of globalism and they will never have the love for America guys like Trump have.

  7. KirklesWorth says:

    What does it matter to you? You’ve already conceded to Hillary.

  8. Tom says:

    That’s old Ted…ready to whip off that coat and get to lecturing / hectoring / scolding at a moment’s notice!

  9. Kevcar says:

    An amazing post. You forgot to mention how his Dad was involved in killing JFK. When all these enquirer lies came out I just shook my head and said surely there aren’t people stupid enough to believe this crap. I guess I was wrong. BTW Cruz has never been a “hyphenated american”.

  10. TrojanMan says:

    Answer the question or don’t bother posting.

  11. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, I don’t take orders from you. I will however put your comments into perspective:

    TrojanMan: That’s too late. She was elected the moment Trump won the nomination which is why I have always told you that it does not matter who you vote for.

  12. TrojanMan says:

    Yes she was… now answer the question deflection boy.

  13. KirklesWorth says:

    I told you, I don’t take orders from you (boy). Whatever helps Hillary more is worse.

  14. TrojanMan says:

    Ok since you opened your mouth to show that you are incapable of answering a question i will answer it for you. I bet you HATE Cruz soooooo much that you would rather see an article critical of Trump vs an article praising Cruz. Unless you would like to clarify that statement i will take it as fact.

  15. KirklesWorth says:

    See? You don’t know squat. Anti-Trumpers are so emotionally compromised that they think everything is all-or-nothing. I don’t want to speak badly about the now-irrelevant Ted Cruz, but I will when people think he was so fabulous when he had several problems that cost him the nomination.

  16. Kevcar says:

    So talking about what America means to people all around the world while pointing out the hypocrisy of a spoiled athlete is lecturing? Just a few years ago this would be considered common sense. This is what our children used to be taught in school but not any more so it’s up to parents to teach this stuff. I had my daughter listen to what Ted had to say and we discussed it. Our conclusion was he is right!

  17. TrojanMan says:

    Let the record show that you still did not answer the question but dodged it. If you do not want to get challenged on your BS deflections i would recommend not posting. But trolls do what trolls do.


  18. KirklesWorth says:

    The question was answered – you just didn’t like it. Big difference.

    Just curious, what is worse for a Trumpite, an article critical of Trump or an article praising Cruz?

    Whatever helps Hillary more is worse.

  19. Jack says:

    Six months after leaving office, he will publicly convert to the Nation of Islam–

  20. TrojanMan says:

    The answer to the question was binary: “What is worse for a Trumpite, an article critical of Trump or an article praising Cruz?”

    “”Whatever helps Hillary more is worse.” was not a choice but a non-answer.

    This thread has run its course because you are incapable of answering questions.

  21. KirklesWorth says:

    Tough luck guy, but I’m more concerned about defeating Hillary than what an anti-Trump Hillary-conceder wants to know about Trump supporters’ opinions.

  22. TrojanMan says:

    “but I’m more concerned about defeating Hillary than what an anti-Trump Hillary-conceder wants to know about Trump supporters opinions.” If that were true you would not be trolling this site.

  23. KirklesWorth says:

    You mean supporting the republican candidate on a so-called “conservative” website is “trolling”? How do you explain that? But we’ve obviously reached the end of what you can say now that you’ve played the “troll” card. It usually involves graphics first, but looks like I get to start:

  24. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Ted who?

  25. Troll Magnet says:


  26. Troll Magnet says:

    i really felt bad for the guy when he stepped in it with his “NY values” commend when debating Emperor Trump. it was down hill for him from there on; oh and the VP pick was so transparently desperate i cringed.

    otherwise, yea, i can’t say i disagree with the guy, being an immigrant that i am 😛

    some of you here will be shocked to know that he was my #1 choice, and i donated to his campaign. he lost, and now my guy is Trump, which i knew would win the primaries after his first anti illegal immigration speech; this was so obvious i wonder how it was missed around here :-/

    back to trolling 380 KURZ 😛

  27. Kevcar says:

    Your totally dellusional.

  28. Cruz Control says:

    Too complicated a thought for Condom Boy

  29. geeknerd says:

    Trump supporters insult Ted Cruz for not pulling a Bernie and betraying his supporters. Trump supporters insult Cruz’s supporters, and then expect us to vote for Trump, and are already prepared to blame us if–God forbid–Trump loses.
    Trump supporters should stop insulting Cruz and his supporters, because they need us now, and will need is in 2024, or, God forbid, 2020.

  30. RebelSoul says:

    You know Jesus Christ can take all that hate in your heart away if you ask him.

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that if J.j Cintia would believe in him he wouldn’t perish but have eternal life.

  31. RebelSoul says:

    Ted Cruz. The one who is 1,000 times more of a man than you are.

  32. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny, most Trump supporters I’ve seen think Ted Cruz is old news and that it’s the Ted Cruz fanatics that bring him back into play. Not sure why you think Trump needs Cruz supporters instead of Cruz supporters thinking that Hillary needs to be defeated…? After all, if Hillary wins, there will be an inrush of illegal democrats and no republican (conservative or otherwise) will have a chance.

  33. RebelSoul says:

    That’s because a lot of Trump supporters are full of hate and darkness.They know Ted is a good Christian man so they mock him thinking they are mocking God.

  34. KirklesWorth says:

    Ridiculous on its face.

  35. Grumpy Cat says:

    No. Cruz supporters need Trump because of the result of “staying home in protest” that a little too much logic for you to comprehend?

  36. Grumpy Cat says:

    Go move to Greenland if you hate our system of government so much.

  37. Grumpy Cat says:

    And he is only one times more a man than you are. Since you’re not a man at all.

  38. Kevcar says:

    Logic and trumpy cat don’t go together.

  39. Kevcar says:

    As usual, your response has absolutely nothing to do with what was posted!

  40. Grumpy Cat says:

    He’s had a traumatic head injury resulting in sever brain damage. Forgive him.

  41. KirklesWorth says:

    Ironic coming from somebody who doesn’t know if he/she is talking to other Christians, has pre-judged other people he/she doesn’t know, and is displaying either hatred or contempt with:

    That’s because a lot of Trump supporters are full of hate and darkness.

    Why would a religious person criticize those trying to defeat of Hillary? Where is this quantity of “a lot” coming from? The Evangelicals seem to like Trump…

    They know Ted is a good Christian man so they mock him thinking they are mocking God.

    Assuming facts not in evidence. Does being a good Christian man automatically make someone a good president? Who is “mocking God” in any sort of way?

  42. 762x51 says:

    Seeing as you have never had a thought, how would you know, dick sucker?

  43. 762x51 says:

    Since no one ever heard of your miserable lying ass before June of this year, it is YOU who is the troll. You come here every day and spread your feces around where it isn’t wanted. That’s a troll, asshole.

    Sorry, SS-Rottenführer asshole.

    Keep an eye on us, you useless, fascist fuck.

  44. Grumpy Cat says:

    It’s “Internet Time” Yaaaaaaay!

  45. 762x51 says:

    Ohhh, little pussy talking all big again, you ready to prove what you got, dick face?

    You fascist fucks slither in here pulling your bullshit and not one of you cowardly puddles of shit has the courage to face me in the real world.

    Man up or shut up, coward.

  46. 762x51 says:

    Senility meds just are cutting it anymore, huh G Spot?

    Poor old Eddie G Spot, just can’t keep up, put up or get it up any more. Sounds like it’s time for you to die, you miserable old scumbag.

    Now come back at me with your meaningless words because that is all you have and all you can do, impotent old fuck.

  47. DRFunkenstein✓Funkᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™ says:

    Do you masturbate to that??

  48. DRFunkenstein✓Funkᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™ says:

    you need to sit down, boy. I didnt say you could speak

  49. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s right…you didn’t. Funny how your orders don’t work, isn’t it (boy)?

  50. 762x51 says:

    380 Kurz?!? Is that the caliber of popgun you use for your “combat” matches, cardboard shooter? Hey, I know, you bring your popgun and lots of corks and come to a nice gun friendly state with some remote locations and show me what a star you really are. How about it? You man enough to demonstrate how good you have told us you are? I’m willing to demonstrate my skills for you. Come on big talk, show us what you got or you have shit.

    I’m used to something with a little more punch for hajji hunting.

    Fucking coward.

  51. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Still the same old loser with the same old losing vocabulary. A glowing image of why Cruz lost. He couldn’t change his message either and therefore lost.

  52. Ed. G. Mann says:

    You keep proving that you don’t have what it takes to win. The primaries were over long ago and you are still pulling that same limp dick. You truly are the “Nowhere Man.”

  53. geeknerd says:

    If Trump supporters don’t need Cruz supporters, then THEY CAN’T BLAME US IF (God forbid!) TRUMP LOSES!
    I’m a Cruz supporter, but I will vote for Trump because he’s much better than the Hildabeast, and regardless of how much the Trumpites insult me or Cruz. In 2024 (or, God forbid, 2020), Cruz (or someone very much like him) will be my candidate.
    When Reagan lost to Goldwater, the Goldwater crowd did not insult Reagan or his supporters, so Reagan was able to run again 4 years later. That’s not to equate Trump with Goldwater, or Cruz with Reagan; there is no comparison.

  54. geeknerd says:

    oops, so I got my dates wrong on Reagan and Goldwater. Does that make my point moot?

  55. KirklesWorth says:

    People will blame everybody for everything. If Trump wins, Trump supporters will be blamed for everything under the sun that Trump does wrong – even if it is demonstrably better than what Hillary would have done.

    A lot of Trump supporters were Cruz supporters, which is why it is difficult to talk to Cruz supporters about how Cruz didn’t end up being the candidate without things getting tense.

    As I’ve said, Trump supporters consider Ted Cruz old news, so your experiences about insults aren’t the same as mine – I get called “Trumpette”, “Trump worshipper”, or any number of other things simply because of my stated support of Trump.

    The good ol’ days of conservatism are over, and will continue sliding leftward if Hillary is permitted to win. She will permit illegal democrats into the country and anything remotely conservative won’t have a chance.

  56. mo says:

    Dropped by to say “piss on lying Ted”. Also, any Hitlery voters are traitors.

  57. 762x51 says:


    Parrot your cult leader again G Spot, we may have found something you can do because selecting presidential candidates sure isn’t one of them.

    Hey, hows your fake libertarian candidate doing? Old Gary :the other phony libertarian” Johnson. You two fucks belong together, channeling Obama and rubbing wieners.

    Chickenshit old fascist bastard.

  58. 762x51 says:

    Win? Like your “Libertarian” Gary Johnson? LMAO! He’s as phony a Libertarian as you are, but now I understand why you vote for him, he’s a dirty little Progressive fascist prick just like you.

    Eddie G Spot the phony old fascist chickenshit. Or is that parrot shit? Squawk for me again like your cult leader, Eddie. You love to emulate him, all you tRump fucktards do. Hey, he goes by “The Donald”, such a douche, you can go by “The G Spot”, an equal douche.

  59. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Amusing that you can use so many words, take up so much space and sit at a keyboard and create a vacuum. You are a void.

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