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Jun 19 2019

Teen Vogue Pitches Prostitution to 13-Year-Old Girls

When foreign historians look back and try to figure out what made America sicken and die, whole dissertations will be written on Teen Vogue and the deliberate part it has played in corrupting youth. The magazine continues to promote an article it published in April entitled “Why Sex Work Is Real Work”:

Author Tlaleng Mofoken, founder of Nalane Reproductive Justice, argues that prostitution is as honorable as health professions like her own:

I find it interesting that as a medical doctor, I exchange payment in the form of money with people to provide them with advice and treatment for sex-related problems; therapy for sexual performance, counseling and therapy for relationship problems, and treatment of sexually transmitted infection. Isn’t this basically sex work? I do not believe it is right or just that people who exchange sexual services for money are criminalized and I am not for what I do.

As the Federalist points out,

With that line of logic, we should legalize all drugs because doctors give out drugs; therefore crack dealers should be allowed to give out drugs.

But as the Federalist also points out, Teen Vogue targets 13-year-old girls. Kids that young lack the perspective to see through idiotic arguments in favor of degeneracy. They may not know about the horrific diseases and degrading situations involved, or that prostitution often isn’t a voluntary occupation.

Teen Vogue is a symptom of the societal rot it promotes. Another symptom is that child sex trafficking went up 846% between 2010 and 2015.

Other recent contributions to America’s decline by Teen Vogue include proclaiming that it doesn’t matter whether men subjected to #MeToo allegations are innocent and that abortion can be funny. The publication actually encourages children to have anal sex.

Teen Vogue is so vile that Elizabeth Johnston (aka Activist Mommy) got herself banned from Twitter and demonetized by YouTube for complaining about it.

Thankfully, the print edition is no longer with us. However, it is even better able to subvert innocent children without their parents’ knowledge online.

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