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Jul 03 2020

Ten Commandments Torn Down in Montana

The Cultural Revolution is not only a threat in large cities festering with degenerate ideology. From Kalispell, Montana:

Police have arrested 30-year-old Anthony Weimer for pulling down a statue of the Ten Commandments outside Flathead County Courthouse in northeastern Montana.

At least in Montana, local liberals have not disabled law enforcement:

The officers were later able to find the truck used to tear down the statue, and then arrested the subject, who now faces a felony charge of criminal mischief.

Thousands of Black Lives Matter/Antifa thugs belong in prison on that charge throughout the country.

In recent weeks, several statues with religious connotations have been torn down, usually in connection with the Black Lives Matter riots.

Snow white Shaun King, the Rachel Dolezal of Black Lives Matter, has directed the mob toward Christian statuary and imagery.

Whether Weimer tore the statue down as homage to Criminals of Color like George Floyd or for some other insane reason, sociopaths now feel entitled to destroy anything that represents civilization.

They aren’t just tearing down America. They are tearing down civilization itself. If there was ever a time to use the word “evil” in a political context, it is now.

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