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Jan 28 2018

Terrell Demonte Alexander Joins Hate Hoax List

That was close. We almost missed adding Terrell Demonte Alexander to the Hate Hoax List:

Recent headlines declared that the suspect police say is responsible for racially charged graffiti found at the University of Maryland has been arrested, but none of those reports indicated the race of the suspect.

The College Fix, after repeatedly calling and emailing the university for comment, finally received an answer Wednesday. The 18-year-old suspect, Terrell Demonte Alexander, is black, a public information officer with the University of Maryland Police Department confirmed via email.

It is easy to miss a hate hoax, when the complicit “mainstream” media deliberately covers them up by not including the highly relevant information that the suspected culprit is black:

Recent articles by The Washington Post, Associated Press, NBC, The Baltimore Sun and the Diamondback campus newspaper about the arrest did not include that information. The University of Maryland Police Department also had not included that information on its statement about the arrest.

By concealing key information, the media participates in hoaxes. It might even create a hoax, if for example a black scribbled antiwhite graffiti and the public is deliberately left with the impression that it was antiblack graffiti scribbled by a white.

The point is to prop up the tired liberal establishment narrative that favored identity groups are oppressed by racists. As with most moonbattery, the result is unintended consequences, as people learn to assume that all “racially charged graffiti” is the product of nonwhites unless they are explicitly informed otherwise.

On a tip from Dave F.

3 Responses to “Terrell Demonte Alexander Joins Hate Hoax List”

  1. hoagie111 says:

    I automatically assume the hate is by non whites. I will take them at their word if they say it is by whites, though. However, I catch them once again pulling a “white Hispanic” out of their ass like they did with George Zimmerman because they though he was a Jew before they bothered to ask I will then require photos from then on.

  2. Peggy says:

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