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Jun 14 2017

Terry McAuliffe Immediately Exploits Shooting to Attack Second Amendment Rights

Bernie Sanders fan James Hodgkinson has been exculpated by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Hodgkinson didn’t shoot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise; a gun did — and McAwful wasted no time making the most of it:

McAuliffe (D) advocated for stricter gun laws on Thursday after Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and several others were shot on a baseball field in the Washington suburb of Alexandria, Va.

Bellowed McAwful:

“I have long advocated — this is not what today is about — but there are too many guns on the streets. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”

Wow, 93 million Americans are killed by guns every day. Before long, that could add up to a lot.

When called on the absurdity of his assertion, McAwful said he meant 93, not 93 million. He used the 93 million figure twice in his eagerness to capitalize on the violence.

The type of hysterical hyperbole leftist demagogues like McAwful build careers on can be assumed to have motivated Hodgkinson’s shooting spree.

Anyone who doesn’t feel sick at the idea of Terry McAuliffe being Governor of Virginia probably already wants law-abiding citizens disarmed so as to leave us at the mercy of criminals, terrorists, maniacs, and hypertrophied government. As for the rest, the idea of being disarmed by moonbats like McAwful so that we cannot defend ourselves from moonbats like Hodgkinson will have limited appeal. The bad guys have no problem acquiring weapons regardless of gun laws, as Muslim terrorists have proved in Europe.

Hodgkinson’s Facebook page. The problem is moonbattery, not guns.

On tips from Varla, Torcer, and Scott D.

30 Responses to “Terry McAuliffe Immediately Exploits Shooting to Attack Second Amendment Rights”

  1. SWohio says:

    I read a comment that Virginia had no background checks.

    I presume that is a complete lie. Virginia is a liberal stronghold – and those strongholds always have very tight gun laws,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Attention, Democrats, your supporters take your “resist” and “bash the fash” rhetoric to heart and don’t favor personal responsibility for their actions… please go against your party ideology and tell they to exercise to self-control.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Liberals lie… it’s for the greater good, you know.

  4. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    The vicious, virulent rhetoric of the DNC has incited their base to murder political opponents in the United States of America. When will the DNC stop their reckless diatribes and stop spreading hate? How many more Americans must be murdered by incited leftists? Conservatives are now openly being hunted in the streets of America. The horrendous attacks we witnessed against President Trump’s supporters during the elections and ensuing protests apparently were only a taste of what despicable acts of political terrorism they have been planning.

    This act of terror tells us two things BE ARMED AND BE SAFE.

  5. Torcer says:

    Disgusting! Liberals PRAISE ‘hero’ shooter of Republicans!

    F..k Trump and KD @HunterStoneLynn
    RIP James Hodgkinson. A true hero with bad aim.
    12:31 PM – 14 Jun 2017

    Boston59 @Bosstowne59
    Rest in peace James T Hodgkinson. Whatever made you do it, we understand.
    11:46 AM – 14 Jun 2017

    Butt Ugly Art @maestrocanada
    Keep showing hodgkinson holding his tax the rich protest sign. Best thing nbc has done in decades. @NBCNews @nbc #resist #BasicIncome
    12:42 PM – 14 Jun 2017

    Blood-thirsy tweeters respond to Scalise shooting with sadness … that Republicans were only hurt, not killed
    Representatives at the practice said that if it weren’t for the heroics of the Capitol Police they believe it would have been a mass murder.
    And that would have been fine by many blood thirsty liberals.

  6. Torcer says:

    I would say that’s really Leftists Lie.. but that phrase is repetitive and redundant.

  7. Torcer says:

    #MSNBC [After describing the shooter was of the national socialist left] we still don’ know the motivation of the shooter!!

  8. Dan Northrup says:

    Word of the day “Tragedy”. Tragic happenings, tragic responses.

  9. Bodhisattva says:

    Shooter was a HUGE fan of Rachel the “Mad Cow”:

    One of my favorite TV shows is “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC.

    The media are breathlessly asking, “Was this politically motivated?”

    Well what does the NYT report?

    Virginia Shooting Suspect Was Distraught Over Trump’s Election

    And what did he think about Republicans in general?

    Belleville suspect killed in congressional shootout wanted to ‘terminate the Republican Party’

    I want to terminate the Democratic party – but I urge people to do it through the ballot box, not with a gun or other implements of destruction.

    Two days ago, Hodgkinson posted an angry tweet about President Donald Trump on Facebook.

    “I Want to Say Mr. President, for being an ass hole you are Truly the Biggest Ass Hole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office,” he wrote on Facebook.

    Hodgkinson is a member of a number of anti-Republican groups on Facebook, including one called “Terminate the Republican Party.”

    ▪ “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans”

    ▪ “Donald Trump is not my President”

    ▪ “President Bernie Sanders”

    ▪ “Illinois Berners United to Resist Trump”

    ▪ “Boycott the Republican Party”

    ▪ “Expose Republican Fraud”

    ▪ “Terminate the Republican Party”

  10. Bodhisattva says:

    Federal law REQUIRES background checks in EVERY state, doesn’t it? That was my understanding.

  11. Bodhisattva says:

    And the hatred coming from the left continues unabated:

    GOP rep. received threatening email with subject line ‘One down, 216 to go…’ after lawmaker shooting

    The office of Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) received a threatening email with the subject line “One down, 216 to go…,” shortly after a shooter opened fire on GOP lawmakers who were at a congressional baseball practice, according to her office.

    The person who sent the email then wrote in the body of the email, “Did you NOT expect this?”

    “Did you NOT expect this? When you take away ordinary peoples very lives in order to pay off the wealthiest among us, your own lives are forfeit. Certainly, your souls and morality were lost long before. Good riddance,” the email said.

  12. Kevin R. says:

    Yes, you have to submit form ATF 4473 to purchase a firearm. This begins the background check process as required by federal law.

  13. Kevin R. says:

    I think Terry McAwful should be outlawed. There are too many Terry McAwfuls on the streets today.

  14. Torcer says:

    Shooter Who Targeted Congressmen Had History Of Violence, Leftism
    The Daily Beast cited a police report stating that Hodgkinson was arrested in 2006 for domestic battery and discharge of a firearm because he punched a man’s girlfriend “in the face with a closed fist.” Hodgkinson also aimed a shotgun at the man, firing one round.

    The same police report asserted that Hodgkinson was also “observed throwing” an unidentified minor, whom police identified as his daughter, “around the bedroom” After she got loose, Hodgkinson followed and “started hitting her arms, pulling her hair, and started grabbing her off the bed.” When Hodgkinson’s girlfriend tried to flee in a vehicle, he “turned off the ignition …. James then pulled out a possible pocket knife and cut [her] seatbelt.”

    On March 24, 2017, a neighbor of Hodgkinson called the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office, informing them that 50 shots had been fired nearby; Hodgkinson was shooting in the pine trees; an officer told him to stop, although Hodgkinson has a valid firearm license.

    In March 2010, Hodgkinson wrote the Belleville News-Democrat, “I don’t ever again want to hear how great a president [Ronald Reagan] was. All he did was give tax breaks to the rich and put the rest of the country (or at least 13.1 percent) out of work. To think the Republican Party can call this man their idol is un-American. It’s all about the money.”

  15. 127guy says:

    Go easy on the distinguished governor. He’s just looking for something to do. It’s hard going through life as nothing more than a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Clinton crime family.

  16. Take The Red Pill says:

    Also, there is not any “gun show loophole” in the federal laws; it doesn’t exist. It’s simply another Leftist / Democratic Party myth that they continue to spew.

  17. ICEvictim says:

    I guess all my firearms have malfunctioned. Not one of them has gone out and shot someone.

  18. TED says:

    NOT unlike this nonsense it was just a matter of WHICH MORON was going to pop up and do it!!!

  19. Debbiedrochester says:

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  20. 127guy says:

    Great, Debs! Happy that you have found gainful employment and no longer have to work on your back.

  21. debagmanhasdeblues says:

    93 million brain cells in Terrible McAwful’s head give up every day.If we could save just one working brain cell,wouldn’t it be worth it to ban McAwful from ever running for public office again?

  22. grayjohn says:

    How did this guy walk into the stadium with an SKS? That isn’t something you can tuck into your pants and walk around with. How was it not noticed?

  23. grayjohn says:

    There’s way more than 65 million isn’t there?

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