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Sep 09 2019

Texan Moonbat Attacks Charging Bull

Democrats may be closer than we knew to achieving the unholy grail of turning Texas blue. A Texan succumbed to hebephrenic moonbattery Saturday, directing it at the Charging Bull statue in New York.

Given his record of sociopathic thoughts and behavior, I thought the Texan in question might be Robert Francis O’Rourke, but it turns out to be a Texan of Color named Tevon Varlack.

From Daily Mail:

An angry Texas man has been arrested for bashing New York’s famed Charging Bull statue with what appears to be a banjo while screeching ‘F**k Trump!’

Tevon Varlack, 42, launched his wild rampage on the Charging Bull statue in the Financial District of Manhattan on Saturday around 12.30pm.

Varlack, of Dallas, repeatedly shouted ‘F**k Trump’ as he beat the bull and damaged one of its horns.

Note that the Charging Bull symbolizes a bull market — i.e., a healthy economy. Even moonbats seem to associate a healthy economy with Trump these days. But their ideology is so perverse that they actually regard a flourishing economy as something bad. That’s why they denounce the Reagan Era as the “Decade of Greed.”

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