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Nov 21 2023

Thanksgiving Dinner Price Remains High

As always, we have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. However, one thing it would be hard to be thankful for is the Biden looting spree, which has had a predictable effect on prices:

Food prices have been driven up in part because of supply-side factors, such as the higher cost of the fuels needed to transport grain and livestock, as well as the broader inflationary environment. Inflation has soared in recent years, and the overall consumer price index is up more than 18% from the start of 2020.

Fuel will tend to cost more when the federal government is at war with the energy industry. Hard to believe that only a few years ago, America was energy independent. Then came Biden.

The average price of a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people this year is $61.17, according to a report from the American Farm Bureau Federation, which compiles the cost estimate every year around the holiday using a basket of goods that includes only basic foodstuffs and excludes any special ingredients or drinks.

We can be thankful for a fortuitous drop in the price of turkey, as a result of the absence of avian flu.

But the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is now 25% higher than in November 2019, the last holiday before the pandemic took hold.

With the pandemic came insanely irresponsible government spending, which accelerated under Biden even as Covid waned.

If we work hard to make it happen, socialists will be dislodged from power as in Argentina. Then prices will stabilize, and we will have even more to be thankful for.

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