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Oct 12 2017

The “Antihate” Group That Is a Hate Group

In the era of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, there are plenty of “antihate” moonbat factions that exist for the sole purpose of wallowing in hate. Karl Zinsmeister focuses on one of the most outlandishly hypocritical — not to mention dangerous:

On a tip from Torcer.

6 Responses to “The “Antihate” Group That Is a Hate Group”

  1. geeknerd says:

    Feliz compleanos de todas de los razas Hispanicas.
    On this day in 1492 Christobal Columbo led the “white” Spaniards to the New World, where they raped, er, intermarried the native peoples to create all the Hispanic peoples of Mexico, Central and South America. You can’t blame him for what happened to the indigenous peoples of North America; the “white” English and the “white” French did that.

  2. Trebuchet says:

    There’s no blame at all. Most of the indigenous peoples of North America died from by European diseases, which the natives had no defense against. Those same diseases still killed tens of thousands of Europeans annually.

  3. Torcer says:

    Now watch the SPLC label PragerU as a ‘hate group’ in retaliation…

  4. Area man says:

    Wow, I never heard of this til now. Soooo white people are bad?

  5. FromNJ says:

    Videos like this one are why YouTube wants to kick Prager U off their website…

  6. Katrina says:

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