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Oct 23 2018

The Army That Must Not Be Called an Army

The mainstream liberal media finetunes language so as to slant perceptions with varying degrees of subtlety. Anyone who slips and uses a term that won’t help advance the agenda is rudely pulled back into line by other ideologues. This was the case when the AP inadvertently called the army that is marching on the United States an “army.”

AP went back and dutifully replaced the word with “caravan” after incurring a withering barrage from fellow moonbats:

“AP borrows language from fascists and refers to child refugees and their mothers fleeing US-fueled violence and poverty as an ‘army,’” wrote left-wing writer Ben Norton. “Truly vile.”

The army is not an army, and it is our fault it is invading us.

Bob Brigham, a writer for left-wing website Raw Story, accused the AP of spreading “#FakeNews” and a “lie” about the migrant caravan.

Jamil Smith of Rolling Stone denounced AP for enabling a “racist narrative.” Liberal activist Peter Daou hilariously accused liberal AP of “pure rightwing framing.”

“Toddlers and their parents are not an ‘army,’” wrote Mother Jones editor-in-chief Clara Jeffrey. “They are not marching. They are struggling. They are not an army, they are a ragtag group of refugees. Words matter,” she added.

She is right that words matter.

Incidentally, the army that we must not call an army, which has been belligerently brandishing the Honduran flag and burning ours, comprises 80% fighting age men. It differs from conventional armies of the past in that women and children are brought along because these constitute weaponry in the age of asymmetrical warfare.

If the army’s invasion succeeds, it may be the most significant military defeat in American history, as it will establish that due to moonbattery and internal divisions, our country is so weak that it can no longer defend its borders from an invasion force. The rest of the explosively reproducing and endlessly needy Third World will march in behind the “caravan” in a Western Hemisphere variation on The Camp of the Saints.

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