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Dec 02 2018

The Arrival of the Invaders

As the arrival of the caravan at the border proved definitively, this Third World army consists of invaders, whatever their enablers in the media want to call them. Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic was right:

Complaining about the use of tear gas and pepper spray against the Central American army is absurd. The situation — hostile invaders attempting to breach an international border while using potentially lethal violence against those defending it — would justify the use of machine guns and napalm. Scoundrels would stop deploying children to war zones as weapons if they knew we would not wring our hands and submit to their disgraceful tactics. However, the media/Democrats want the Border Patrol to abandon their duty and shower the violent invaders with flowers, welfare checks, and voter registration forms.

Siler refers to an excellent Ami Horowitz video that explains who handled the expense and logistics of the caravan attack. It is worth another look:

Wait, I forgot. The Washington Post demands that we not call the attempted invasion an “invasion.” Sorry.

On a tip from Lyle.

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