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Nov 02 2018

The Christmas Market Succumbs to Islam

A healthy culture will fight to the last man to preserve itself. But a culture that is dying from within will give itself away. Even its most treasured traditions become expendable. For example, colonized Belgium has given up the Christmas Market in Brugge.

It is now known as the Winter Market so as not to “offend other beliefs” (i.e., Islam and militant atheism), featuring “neutral winter lights” instead of Christmas lights.

Eventually, people will lose interest altogether and the market will disappear. What fun is a Winter Market?

Not everybody is happy about it.

Pol Van Den Driessche, a member of local opposition party N-VA, calls the decision ‘incomprehensible and unbelievable’.

Fumes Van Den Driessche,

“Brugge has a wonderful and historic Christmas tradition and if you’re religious or not, this is part of our culture. I don’t want to appease to this sickening form of tolerance.”

Tolerance? Suppressing anything that reminds Muslims and moonbats of Christianity is the diametric opposite of tolerance.

Brugge isn’t alone. Other Belgian cities that have de-Christmasized their Christmas Markets include Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Hasselt.

Local authorities don’t want their town to end up like Berlin, where emissary of Islam Anis Amri killed 12 and injured dozens more by driving a truck through the Christmas Market in 2016. However, a more lasting solution than knuckling under to Amri et al. would be to defend Europe and its culture against them.

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