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Feb 03 2017

The Circus Dead, Animal Rights Kooks Target Rodeo

After 146 years of providing entertainment, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is closing down, in part because of relentless pressure from animal rights fanatics. Are these militant moonbats content with their victory? Of course not. Progressivism is like a forest fire; the more it destroys, the hungrier it grows for more destruction. Now they are coming after rodeos:

An animal rights group is calling for a boycott of rodeos after two horses died during bronc riding competitions in Fort Worth.

“It was very sad,” said LeeAnn Nalls, a life-long rodeo and show participant.

Video shows each horse coming out of the gate and veering off to the right as it bucks. Both horses hit the wall head first, snapping their spines.

Freak accidents will happen. They don’t happen very often.

“I’ve been going to rodeos since I was five” Nalls said. “And I turned 50 this year and I’ve only seen one horse die in an arena.”

But any pretext will do when it comes to erasing a little more of America to make way for the coming moonbat utopia.

PETA screamed in a statement:

“It’s 2017—a time when animal circuses are shutting down and SeaWorld is on the skids. Rodeos are way out of step with public opinion, and it’s time for them to be relegated to the pages of history books. PETA encourages everyone to stay away from rodeos and to support legislation that protects animals from this abuse.”

No doubt a major legal/propaganda campaign will escalate from here, as we have seen before.

Don’t let the rodeo share the fate of the circus. Do your part to keep to this great American tradition alive by attending a rodeo. You can’t beat it for family entertainment that keeps us in touch with our heritage, especially in the West.

Prescott, Arizona has an excellent rodeo.

On tips from Stormfax and Bodhisattva. Photo compliments of Varla.

21 Responses to “The Circus Dead, Animal Rights Kooks Target Rodeo”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The left is always, forever about protesting.

    When Barack Obama was in power, when he put people of preferred pigmentation in the highest offices of the land, did the protesting stop? No; the left had to find more targets. Family owned bakeries were under fire, as were Catholic Charities, because they wouldn’t tow the line.

    BTW, this is the exact same left that used to be outraged that they had to work alongside blacks 100 years ago.

    So, to the left, there is never “enough.” There is always something new to be outraged about.

  2. Otis says:

    Peta would rather have more horses sent to slaughter in Mx and Canada, then have humans use them for wirk, entertainment, recreational.

  3. SNuss says:

    I recall a suggestion that PETA protesters be used in place of lab animals, as they have no other useful purpose, and the researchers tend not to get personally attached to them.
    We need a new form of entertainment. What can we use PETA protesters for, that would take the place of circuses and rodeos?

  4. MAS says:

    The rodeo crowd isn’t going to be a push over for PETA leftist wimps. These country folk will fight back to preserve their heritage and PETA types will stick out like a sore thumb in their communities. Hard working outdoors type communities that still work livestock and keep rifle racks in their trucks.

  5. DM says:

    INSANITY FROM H$U$ and they try to tie it to racism.
    HSUS Wants to Ban Fishing
    Are fish cute? You may recall a PETA anti-fishing campaign a few years ago attempting to rebrand fish as “sea kittens.” It was widely mocked. But picking up where PETA failed, expect the Humane Society of the United States to begin campaigning more aggressively against fishing and eating sushi.

    The notorious HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle has acknowledged what PETA saw as the limitation in a campaign against fishing. In an interview, Pacelle agreed that the reason he didn’t campaign against fishing was because they weren’t “furry and cute.”

    So HSUS is now adopting an intellectual approach. Over the past several months, Jonathan Balcombe, an HSUS employee, has been laying the groundwork for the idea that fish have personalities. Call it the “Little Nemo” strategy.

    Balcombe is formerly with the so-called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a vegan advocacy group with PETA ties and a checkered past. He was also with the failed Humane Society University (which wasn’t a real university), and is now with HSUS’s Institute for Science and Policy (at least partially a misnomer).

    In June, Balcombe published What a Fish Knows, a book arguing that fish have sentience. And quietly, HSUS has begun offering papers on its website from Animal Sentience, which purports to be a scientific journal. On its website, you’ll find articles such as “Cognitive evidence of fish sentience,” “Are Animals Persons?,” and “Fish sentience and the precautionary principle.”

    Behind all the academic-speak, let’s be clear what HSUS’s goals are: No more sushi. No more blackened salmon entrees. No more fishing for trout and bass in the local river with your family. “There isn’t any justification for eating a fish instead of chicken,” Balcombe declares.

    To get an idea of Balcombe’s comrades-in-arms, we need only look at his Reddit AMA last month. When asked about why groups like HSUS aren’t as aggressive as PETA on fishing, he dodges the question. But he does hat-tip Paul Watson, the head of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Watson is an international fugitive, and a U.S. federal court has declared Sea Shepherd to be a pirate group. (Watson is also the subject of a hilarious South Park episode, “Whale Whores.”)

    Balcombe is so far out of the mainstream that he compares eating meat to racism. From his blog:

    The folks next door stopped in the other day to give us a tin of cookies as a Christmas offering. You couldn’t ask for more amicable, helpful neighbors. They also love animals, feeding the deer and squirrels and drawing flocks of wild birds with their ever-filled feeders. As we hugged and shook hands in greeting, we asked what their plans for Xmas were. Barb said they had been invited to a friend’s place where—and at this point she leaned in with a hushed and confiding tone—they would visit the homes of several prominent niggers and burn crosses on their front lawns.
    Of course, I made up that last bit. Barb and Paul are not in the least bit racist. What Barb really said was that their friends had invited them over to have roast lamb. For me, that was just as jarring, if less surprising, than if she really had admitted to terrorizing black Americans.

    He’s not alone in noxious analogies. HSUS food policy director Matt Prescott created a PETA campaign comparing modern farms to Nazi concentration camps (and he was accused by the Holocaust Museum of being dishonest, to boot).

    Back to fishing. HSUS’s strategy is to anthropomorphize fish just as it does with other animals. Is it a harder lift? Sure. People still don’t view fish as particularly cute compared to charismatic megafauna. But make no mistake, HSUS will work to get rid of fishing any way it can.

    Posted on 02/02/2017 at 6:43 pm by Humane Watch Team.

    Topics: Hunting & Fishing

  6. TrojanMan says:

    “Rodeos are way out of step with public opinion” HA BULLSH!T literally. I hope the sheer mention of the state of Texas gets those pansies triggered!

    They try and ban rodeos and that is a guaranteed way to make Texas secede.

    “Prescott, Arizona has an excellent rodeo.” Pfffttttt

  7. DM says:

    I know this is not what you meant when you mentioned “Catholic Charities” but could not resist.
    Don’t think the left is complaining about a group named specifically “Catholic Charities” it is an arm of the Catholic church that contracts (for huge govt grants) to resettle muslim refugees/invaders. They are the largest of the contractors in the business and make HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of the taxpayers dollars each year for facilitating America’s destruction.

    It’s sort of like a Ponzi scheme!
    They are paid by the head from the US State Department, so when not enough “clients” are admitted to the US, guess what? They run out of your money!
    Now they are admitting it!
    Nebraska resettlement agency may lose federal funding, here.
    Possible layoffs at Catholic Charities as federal money dries up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, here.
    Wisconsin refugee agencies face reduced funding, here.
    Oregon refugee agencies fear closure, here.
    Local refugee agency fears Trump’s EO, here, in Tennessee.
    Catholic agency in Rochester, New York worries staff will decline like it did during slowdown following 9/11, here.

  8. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    “Rodeos are way out of step with public opinion, and it’s time for them to be relegated to the pages of history books.”

    Translation: “I deliberately alienate anyone who disagrees with me, and that is why I don’t know anyone who likes things I don’t like. The fact that people will humor the obviously crazy and potentially violent is why I never encounter anyone who will openly object to the insane things I say. I consider these both to be proof that dissent from my position is going the way of the dodo. I am the future; be me or be mulch.”

  9. hymiehizbizkit says:

    This little guy’s been rodeoin’ for almost 30 years.
    Saw him last winter in St.Paul.

  10. SNuss says:

    I am surprised that those commercials haven’t been openly attacked as racist by the “tolerant” Leftists, like they did with the Taco Bell Chihuahua.

  11. Nan says:

    That’s one thing Catholic charities does. One of many.

  12. Mr. Freemarket says:

    For over 90 years, Catholic Charities provided adoption services. When they refused to facilitate homosexual adoptions, they were forced out of that business.

    The truth is that the Catholic Church is kind of a mixed bag….some good….some bad.

  13. Jodie says:

    What about parades PETA? Surely horses and other animals that are forced to participate in those things cannot be comfortable. That could be yet another way to bilk people out of money PETA.

  14. […] The Circus Dead, Animal Rights Kooks Target Rodeo […]

  15. 68gto says:

    PETA, as many other leftist groups are like small children who complain and throw tantrums when not getting their way. There will come a time when, just like children when the whining becomes too much, they will need to be punished and put back ‘in line’.

  16. grayjohn says:

    May they all be trampled by Brahma Bulls.

  17. grayjohn says:

    Too bad Bats of the Moon weren’t included.

  18. Depwavid says:

    1) Tie them to stakes and use them for scarecrows, food and water optional;

    2) Auto-da-fe used to be great entertainment in the Middle Ages;

    3) Trolling for sharks or polar bears;

    4) Ballistic testing for new military ordnance;

    5) Crash test dummies… and many more. If I tried, I could come up with something reminiscent of Simon Bond’s ‘101 Uses for a Dead Cat.’

  19. Depwavid says:

    I think some of the PETA people think of horses in a romantic context, like that guy in England who just went to jail…

  20. texan59 says:

    PETA is gonna have a hard time sneaking up on the rodeo folks. The Prius and Birkenstocks are sure to instigate the ass-whuppin’ immediately.

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