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Feb 26 2018

The Corporations That Are Punishing the NRA on Behalf of a Lunatic Lynch Mob

Their shamelessness has allowed liberals to divert horror and grief over the Parkland killings into an assault on the Constitution. Regardless of whether any legislature is passed further infringing on our right to bear arms, authoritarians have already won this battle by making guns the issue, rather than the mental health crisis, the virtual absence of school security, Broward County’s incompetent sheriff and cowardly deputies, et cetera.

The media has whipped up a lynch mob and sicced it on the NRA to punish it for defending the Constitution. Suddenly, this venerable institution is as politically leprous as Confederate flags have been since the killings in Charleston in 2015. Ever ready to pander to left-wing extremism, corporations have been cutting their ties with the NRA. Companies aggressively siding with an insane mob against the Constitution include (from here and here):

Alamo Rent a Car
Allied Van Lines/North American Van Lines
Best Western
Chubb Insurance
Delta Airlines
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
First National Bank of Omaha
National Rent a Car
North American Van Lines
Paramount Rx
Starkey Hearing Technologies
United Airlines
Wyndham Hotel Group

These days, we can’t boycott every company that deserves it, but whenever you have an alternative to giving business to a company that opposes your constitutional rights, take it. Corporations almost invariably side with the Left, but probably more out of fear than ideological depravity. After all, if the Left prevails, there will be no corporations, just one giant Government ruling a nation of slaves. Corporate cowards will stop putting the screws to regular Americans when it starts affecting the bottom line.


In response to the NRA boycott, thousands of people are posting on social media they have decided to join the NRA because they believe in freedom, the Second Amendment and stand opposed to the liberal outrage mob unfairly placing responsibility on the NRA for the Florida shooting.

Others posted they had upgraded their memberships to higher levels.

Every time there is a shooting, progressives exploit it to take part of our country away from us. After Charleston, they targeted Confederate flags and the memory of Robert E. Lee. This time, they target the NRA. Who knows what they will take next if they do not encounter meaningful resistance.

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40 Responses to “The Corporations That Are Punishing the NRA on Behalf of a Lunatic Lynch Mob”

  1. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Kind of makes it hard to travel. Both major airlines, pretty much all the major car rental companies. Rough boycott.

    By the way, according to some evidence, the Sheriff and school district may be guilty of worse than incompetence:

  2. magic1114 says:

    While you can’t boycott every company that folded to the snotflakes, you can boycott the products you use. I’ve taken it upon myself to write the companies I use to voice my displeasure (and no, I’m not virtue signaling; just using as one possible suggestion) and to let them know that I’ll take my business elsewhere. I hate having to give up SimpliSafe, but there are other companies who products are just as good… Bye-bye losers.

  3. Swordie says:

    I cancelled my SkyMiles account yesterday. I guess it’s time to start a private jet fund.

  4. roccolore says:

    The Georgia state legislature is actually debating whether to give Delta a tax break.

  5. hoagie111 says:

    Having been in the restaurant business for 37 years I never endorsed a candidate, policy or political ideology in business. This is why. I wouldn’t even put a sign for Dog Catcher in my window. I had no “charity” money bins at the cash register. I had no bumper stickers on my car. I didn’t care what a guest thought as long as he paid his check and I didn’t feel it was his business what I thought as long as I gave him a good meal.

  6. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    I can respect that.

  7. Swordie says:

    Hahahahaha. It would be truly entertaining if they revoked their tax break.

  8. Frank says:

    Someone should mention that philosophy to leftist fanatic Starfucks! I wouldn’t enter one of their stores or drink their coffee if they paid me to!

  9. Frank says:


  10. Frank says:

    Someone killing a few Christians or Jews wouldn’t get him up off his dead jihadi ass. A crazy kid just decided to blow away a bunch of other kids? This is a Deep State Special! The end has always justified libtard’s means. How else could they tell us with a straight face not to blame all muslims for acts of a few but to blame all gun owners for the acts of a few? The gun grabbing SOBs have no problem with killing kids or recruiting kids to do their dirty work.

  11. Frank says:

    I always fly Southwest. I hope they don’t flake out!

  12. Frank says:

    Go for it!!!

  13. Swordie says:

    Start saving up for your own private jet too. We’ll start our own airline.

  14. DM says:

    Good article “It’s Time to Do Something!”
    This is an excerpt from article and the comments are well worth reading too
    “Consequently, the protection of our children necessitates the elimination of school gun-free zones (which, like dog-free homes, are soft targets for the criminally minded) and the adoption of some form of the Israeli model, whereby trained, responsible, legally armed citizens who are emotionally invested in the children—teachers, parents, and community members—form a volunteer security force for schools in their neighborhood. Those who call this measure idiotic need to explain why it wouldn’t have given the victims at South Florida High a better chance of survival.”

  15. hoagie111 says:

    Neither would I and that’s why I never mixed my politics with my business. I just love to take leftists money, the more the merrier. But Starbucks will never get a dime of mine. So who is the loser? Loud mouthed leftists, that’s who. I get their money but they don’t get mine

  16. DM says:

    You may not be able to boycott every company but nearly all have 800# for customer service that can be called to voice discontent. That is how the moonbats do it. They hire these young mush brained snowflakes, give them a script and a list of #s to call.
    We may not have the soros org behind us but each of us can make as many calls as we can. The companies DO NOT LIKE to HAVE THEIR 800# tied up with a COMPLAINING public. Doesn’t matter if you are a customer or not say you are or could be potentially but not if they are going to not renew with NRA. You can bet your life the snowflakes are not real customers.
    If we don’t start being as relentless as they are we might just as well curling up in a little ball to die. MAGA

  17. gofer1 says:

    Politicians know for every call or e-mail they receive there are hundreds others who feel the same who don’t call. For every NRA member, there are hundreds who stand with them and many are signing up. The left knows there are a lot of 2nd Amendment democrats and they know it’s a losing issue and lip service and dancing around the issue is all they do. These companies have made a huge error in their emotional reaction which will be felt immediately.

    You don’t alienate millions of customers without careful consideration. Taking advice from a 17 year old is ludicrous.

  18. Frank says:

    Banning guns is important to libtards. Protecting kids isn’t. Libtards love mankind but they loathe people.

  19. Franklyfrank says:

    Thanks for the list. I won’t be supporting them.

  20. DM says:

    They don’t even love mankind, it is just their kind they tolerate.

  21. TrueReaganConservative says:

    “The Corporations That Are Punishing the NRA on Behalf of a Lunatic Lynch Mob”

  22. Milo Mindbender says:

    Why can’t you, wyndham is a hotel chain, most of them are rental car and travel related industries. Hurt their pocket and they will fold like a TP tank trap. Let the nutters nutup and draw the line, I haven’t seen anything they have I need, haven’t even been to an airport since 2004, when I fly its MilAir and cargo class.i don’t fly for pleasure, and am not missing anything. Dick Head Security got me off the airlines when yo7 needed a sherbet scorecard to know how far in advance yo7 needed to park the car to get in line.

  23. Bully says:

    I’ve never even heard of most of those back-bencher ‘Companies’ nor done business with most of that remain. I’ll avoid the rest and I will extend my NRA membership.

  24. roccolore says:

    The Georgia legislature won’t give that tax break to Delta after all.

  25. Swordie says:


  26. Swordie says:


  27. Cindy Sprankle says:

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  28. George Lortz says:

    You forgot to put Chuck the Schmuck’s glasses on the tip of his nose.
    (boy, does that Pied Piper look like Schumer the Goomer)

  29. just a thought says:

    I re-joined the NRA last night.

    This is why I didn’t renew my membership in the past.

    Hopefully they’ve learned from that mistake, as subsequent reports indicate.

  30. […] Hopefully, a similar price can be exacted from everyone else on the list of shame. […]

  31. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Good links. Here’s another.

    Looks pretty well founded. Hasn’t penetrated the MSM yet as far as I can tell. Of all the big sources, you’d really only expect this to be on Fox, since the rest of the MSM is pushing the civilian disarmament narrative.

  32. just a thought says:

    Nice. Thorough. New and good quality supporting material.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Being progressive makes money– my left/libtard “Business thought leader” said so!

  34. […] We have waited in vain for militant homosexuals to play this game on a Muslim bakery. In light of businesses joining the anti-NRA lynch mob, I hope we don’t have to wait in vain for someone to try […]

  35. Mikko Dee says:

    I’ve never joined the nra because I didn’t want to be known as a member. But this morning I said “F” it and signed up for the $1,500 lifetime deal…

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