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Feb 12 2020

The Danger of Practicing Journalism in Portland

As mentioned earlier, Antifa goons took advantage of sympathetic local government to assert control over downtown Portland last Saturday, throwing eggs at police and forcing them to retreat as they vandalized property. The absence of a functioning police force under moonbat rule made it a bad scene for journalists:

TheBlaze on Monday reported about a threatening Antifa mob chasing a videographer during a weekend protest in Portland, Oregon — after which unsympathetic riot police told the videographer that “we’re not gonna come out and save you.”

Another journalist got worse treatment the same day, as police did nothing.

Brandon Brown — described by conservative writer Andy Ngo as a “local citizen journalist” — was recording video of Antifa gathered on a street when the mob turned on Brown.

Brown’s cellphone camera stayed on throughout the ordeal, showing at least 10 Antifa thugs surrounding him before several began poking him with umbrellas. Indeed, Portland police confirmed that some protesters used “metal-tipped umbrellas” to jab “people and chase them down the street.”

The Antifa fascists called him a Nazi (of course) and sprayed him in the face with “what appeared to be pepper spray,” blinding him.

Nearby, a large group of police on bicycles refrained from lifting a finger. No doubt they had orders from Antifa-friendly Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler to let the goons do as they pleased.

Antifa is liberal-run cities’ equivalent of the Red Guard, which consisted of ideologically deranged young hoodlums who terrorized China with winks and nods from the government during the Cultural Revolution.

Brown’s video demonstrates what liberal fascism looks like at the street level:

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