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Jan 13 2014

The Death of the Humanities

One of the most crucial duties of universities is to preserve and pass on our cultural heritage, for we can only reach new heights if we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Unfortunately, this conflicts with liberal ideology, which dictates that anything that does not support political correctness as it is currently defined is at best irrelevant and most likely ideologically unclean. Heather Mac Donald does not exaggerate when she writes that the corruption of the English program at UCLA “is part of a momentous shift that bears on our relationship to the past — and to civilization itself”:

Until 2011, students majoring in English at UCLA had to take one course in Chaucer, two in Shakespeare, and one in Milton — the cornerstones of English literature. Following a revolt of the junior faculty, however, during which it was announced that Shakespeare was part of the “Empire,” UCLA junked these individual author requirements. It replaced them with a mandate that all English majors take a total of three courses in the following four areas: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Disability and Sexuality Studies; Imperial, Transnational, and Postcolonial Studies; genre studies, interdisciplinary studies, and critical theory; or creative writing.

In other words, the UCLA faculty was now officially indifferent to whether an English major had ever read a word of Chaucer, Milton or Shakespeare, but the department was determined to expose students, according to the course catalog, to “alternative rubrics of gender, sexuality, race, and class.”

Such defenestrations have happened elsewhere, and long before 2011. But the UCLA coup was particularly significant because the school’s English department was one of the last champions of the historically informed study of great literature, uncorrupted by an ideological overlay. Precisely for that reason, it was the most popular English major in the country, enrolling a whopping 1,400 undergraduates.

Instead of studying the great minds of the past, students will be brainwashed with shallow left-wing psychobabble that has no enduring value.

UCLA’s undergraduates can take courses in Women of Color in the U.S.; Women and Gender in the Caribbean; Chicana Feminism; Studies in Queer Literatures and Cultures; and Feminist and Queer Theory.

Imagine anyone a hundred years ago or a hundred years in the future giving a thin dime for any of that crap.

This is the mentality liberal educrats eagerly pander to:

[A] Columbia University undergraduate … had been required by the school’s core curriculum to study Mozart. She happens to be black, but her views are widely shared, to borrow a phrase, “across gender, sexuality, race and class.”

“Why did I have to listen in music humanities to this Mozart?” she groused in a discussion of the curriculum reported by David Denby in “Great Books,” his 1997 account of re-enrolling in Columbia’s core curriculum. “My problem with the core is that it upholds the premises of white supremacy and racism. It’s a racist core. Who is this Mozart, this Haydn, these superior white men? There are no women, no people of color.” These are not the idiosyncratic thoughts of one disgruntled student; they represent the dominant ideology in the humanities today.

According to political correctness, a savage beating a hollow log with a bone is of equal value to Mozart at his most majestic — or rather of greater value, because Mozart was white and therefore presumably a racist.

Explaining the value of Western Civilization to liberal ideologues would be like explaining to termites why they should not chew their way through the last remaining volume of Shakespeare — except that termites aren’t actively hostile to Shakespeare and everything he represents. Yet we have entrusted the preservation of our civilization to these people.

Griping about Mozart and ignoring Shakespeare will not be the last step. Totalitarian ideologies like political correctness cannot permit anything to exist that challenges them by suggesting alternative viewpoints. Remember the centuries-old Buddhist statues Muslims destroyed in Afghanistan? The same mentality might well be applied to Mozart, Shakespeare, and all the other hated dead white males who bequeathed to us the greatest civilization that ever existed. They might disappear from history, the way disfavored party members were erased from photographs under Stalin.

Will dead white males like Shakespeare get the same treatment?

On a tip from Varla.

28 Responses to “The Death of the Humanities”

  1. Who is this Mozart, this Haydn, these superior white men? There are no women, no people of color.

    That’s why you need to study them. First because you don’t know who they are, and second because there ARE no women or people of color who are comparable.

    Just goes to show that a degree in English is worth even less than it used to be. Why would anyone pay good money for it?

  2. Brock Landers says:

    Civilizations were made by those Euro whitey crackas anyway and it is time for the glorious each according to his needs workers of the world unite collective comradetopia. The glorious world of the next five year plan for the abolition of capitalist pig private property and social justice redistribution has begun. Forward! Yes we can! The great leap forward comrade.

  3. Cryptoanalyst says:

    Yes we can played backwards says serve satan.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Who Controls the Ivy League? (Roster. Photos)

  5. Mavis Jefferson says:

    Thank the Frankfurt School for this.

  6. Marty Klein says:

    You can thank my tribe. We invented political correctness.

  7. a different name says:

    Just what is “Political Correctness?” Political Correctness is in fact cultural Marxism – Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. The effort to translate Marxism from economics into culture did not begin with the student rebellion of the 1960s. It goes back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. In 1923, in Germany, a group of Marxists founded an institute devoted to making the transition, the Institute of Social Research (later known as the Frankfurt School). One of its founders, George Lukacs, stated its purpose as answering the question, “Who shall save us from Western Civilization?” The Frankfurt School gained profound influence in American universities after many of its leading lights fled to the United States in the 1930s to escape National Socialism in Germany.

  8. endless names says:

    “Political correctness is the sullen revenge of the spiteful, intolerant, and ill-willed dunce upon all the liveliness in this world. It is no more than the humorlessly insincere resort of minds so mediocre that, for them, a revival of Stalinism is preferable to the pain of a glimpse of self-it is the last sigh of the beast that Nietzsche identified as resentiment.”

  9. 762x51 says:

    The principal if undeclared mission of liberalism is the destruction of western civilization, which explains the symbiotic relationship between the Progressive cultural Marxists and jihadists, they have a common goal.

    Progressives are the enemies of civilization and should be eradicated as with any other social disease.

  10. pc definition says:

    A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

    –This definition has been attributed to students at Texas A&M University

  11. DJ says:

    The anti-white ideologies propagated by jewish intellectuals are in full bloom.

  12. Metryq says:

    “You realize, of course, that this means war!”
    –Bugs Bunny

  13. ThisObamaNation says:

    Enquiring minds want to know…Why has the American Government become just like the Soviet Union?
    “America Adopts Soviet-Style Mass Surveillance, Propaganda, Censorship, Communist Torture Techniques, and Socialist Economics”

  14. Bo Jangles says:


    “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him…” — Robert A. Heinlein

  15. Hill says:

    Translation: In the 21 century,Western Universities will glorify and promote all monolithic cultures over the home culture, Therefore, at this university, we encourage for advance studies, all foreign cultures accept (the imperial)Western European and their progeny, i.e. US, Canada, OZ, and NZ.

    To the silly tart, who said, “Why did I have to listen in music humanities to this Mozart?”

    Umm, because….YOU chose to participate in a Western Humanities course-Music History.

    If you wanted to experience the “Other”, then perhaps you should have signed up for African Studies-Music or World Music which would have given you something closer to familiar. But, if you wanted to experience something outside your comfort zone and your cultural identity, as well as expand your knowledge base then you sit there open your mind and shut up.

    You had a chance to look at the syllabus before the class started if you wanted an Afrocentric music historiography(or what ever other culture of cause célèbre), you should have dropped the class within the given period.

  16. Hill says:

    There is one recent irony, that should be snickered at within higher academia. Despite record high tuition fees and many universities, especially in the states, who have billion dollar endowments that are larger then most Caribbean countries.

    And despite the universities wealth (and a faux renewed focus on wealth distribution), when tenured professors retire, they are not replacing them with similar tenured individuals. Rather, many university presidents prefer to keep staff in part time or long term contract positions with little to no benefits and pretty much no health insurance.

    Hey, but at least they let you use the gym for free.

  17. Serf Slaves don't need any education says:

    @ BoJangles thanks adding that to the Heinlein folder.

  18. Spurwing Plover says:

    lets just movie all of UCLA to mexico we dont need them at all

  19. Longfellow says:

    I as wondering why they had to take ” Post Colonic” studies. After I cleaned my glasses it was obvious. They are really full of it.

  20. Bob Roberts says:


    Did they leave that wind behind because it was broken?

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    I believe it was in Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series that he described liberal moonbat science: A scientist would never go into the field, never break new ground, rather he would read the writings of past scientists then write a paper detailing what he agreed or disagreed with based on what he read.

    I see we’ve gone beyond that – now we’re throwing out anything from the past and just making stuff up as we go along.

    Moonbats are, unfortunately, good at that.

  22. weso phuct says:

    Yeah, it really is over. They won. They can teach our children to hate us, and make us pay for it too. The best we can do now is to try to create a hidden library, maybe in a cave somewhere. Maybe in a thousand years, some rebellious kid will find it and know there was once a great civilization that committed suicide….
    I believe the rest of my life will be spent in mourning.

  23. Fran Sparks says:

    No, you bunch of pussies…it’s time to FIGHT. That’s what it has come down to. Do or die. You want to live on your knees? I don’t. I will fight. Not sure how exactly, but I’ve made up my mind. We have right and truth and God Almighty on our side. They are prodding a sleeping elephant. The white pussies are going to wake up. They have to, or the world itself will not be a world worth living in.

  24. Eric Viking says:

    No, they have not “won.” Stop being a sill little pussy. You don’t understand. They use money as a form of control. Yes, they buy people off, but that doesn’t mean that they buy true LOYALTY. Even those who’ve been bought know right from wrong, and can’t defend evil.

  25. Rachel Jeantel says:

    Imperial, Transnational, and Postcolonial Studies;

    Na na na na na na Star Wars is the classics to many.

    genre studies, interdisciplinary studies, and critical theory;

    Dammit man they have to learn about Tek War sometime

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