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Dec 21 2013

The End of the Beginning

Bill Whittle explains why the liberal media that created it will no longer be able to prop up the farcical presidency of Barack Hussein Obama thanks to ObamaCare:

Who Obama really is and what he is doing to our country are so obvious by now that our destiny is no longer in the hands of the leftist propagandists who drive the herd by controlling television programming. It’s in our own hands. But we don’t have long to act before the situation deteriorates to the point that like once prosperous Argentina before it, America can no longer be saved from its self-imposed ruin.

On a tip from G Fox.

16 Responses to “The End of the Beginning”

  1. Laurie says:


    The GOP continues to push their new candidate for Chosen Loser. Jeb Bush wrote an article on Friday saying that his “biggest wish for 2014” is amnesty for illegals.

    See..I told you. Jeb Bush is the *perfect* Chosen Loser candidate for the Professional Loser Party (the GOP)in 2016. No conservative will vote for him because he wants amnesty, and no liberal will vote for him because he’s a member of the hated Bush clan.

    This quote, though, shows just how out-of-touch J. Bush is with reality: “”Our economy requires an immigration system that allows for a future flow of workers and new citizens”. We don’t need “workers”…we need JOBS! But that’s not what the GOP needs – what they need is a guaranteed Loser to go up against Hitlery and lose the election in 2016.

    We cannot let the country be destroyed anymore. It’s time to do two things: (1) Descend en masse onto Washington and begin throwing rotten eggs and fruit at Congress until they start to listen. Tar and feathers would be better. (2) Vote for Tea Party candidates in 2014 and 2016. That’s the only way to route those socialists out of office. If we don’t, we might as well get used to saying “President Hillary” as we line up for government-dispensed health care.


  2. Lydia says:

    Best summing up of Obama, Obamacare and his disgusting media enablers ever. This deserves to go viral.

  3. golfmax13 says:

    Anyone who hasn’t seen this vid is truly missing something very important.

  4. Arrest all RINOs says:


    I agree with everything Bill says. But I make one exception: if the “rubes and hicks” are dumb enough to vote more Democrats into power in 2014, and then Hitlery into office in 2016, that’ll be the start of the Second American Revolution. It’ll be obvious to the freedom-lovers in America that the system can’t be saved, so they’ll do whatever it takes to start over.

    Too many people still remember freedom, low prices, and choice to let it deteriorate to “sitting around a burning tire cooking rats”. When Socialist Hillary is put into office by voter fraud, things will change immediately and drastically.

    And if the NSA is reading this…screw you. Go investigate something important – like Barack Hussein’s phony birth certificate. Because if this continues, you too will be out of work and on Obamacare.


  5. America can no longer be saved.

    Obama, Obamacare, Mohammedanism and socialism are just symptoms of dumbing down, inflicted on the U.S. over many years through institutions of higher learning.

  6. rex freeway says:

    I love Bill Whittles after burner video’s. Always on the mark with facts and truth. The two things Liberal’s despise.

  7. Tadpole says:

    Everything Bill says is correct, but here’s the bit he doesn’t yet seem to get: the establishment Republican party is just as committed to big government statism as the Democrats, which is why they despise the Tea Party people – even after the Tea Party gave them the House in 2010!

    The goal of merely electing more Republicans is an illusion. If they win, they will keep as much of Obamacare as they want, since it such an effective tool for social control. There is simply no representation for conservatives in the system today. Whichever party you vote for next year you will be voting for big government Progressives who are united in their disdain for conservative principles.

  8. Cameraman says:

    He seemed restrained .I”d like a Uncensored Version of what he Really would Like to Say, These Rat Bastards, Obama, Pelousy,Reid,Killiry, and all the MSM Traitors, need to be Taken Out to the Nearest Lamp Post…

    Semper Fi

  9. Jan Snyder says:

    Bill is great, very smart. Yeah, we need to pass this all around.

  10. Mark Johnson says:

    That Asian fellow sounded effeminate and spoke of very strange things. He reminds me of some of those homosexual people you can find on network sitcoms. I get the impression he may be a Sodomite.

  11. JoeK says:

    This is Bill’s best video yet! For those who know History, Bill expresses Our future succinctly!!

  12. Dr. 9 says:

    For many of us, the 2014 mid-term elections will be (the most) important elections in this nations history. Those elections will determine whether America stands or falls. It’s also why this Marxist administration is doing everything humanly possible to delay the full impact of Obamacare until (after) those elections. It would simply be another form of voter fraud, something Demoncrats have become (very) familiar with.

    And, the truly scary part of the whole thing? The future of the nation rests in the hands of the voters.

  13. Jodie says:

    Another brilliant Bill Whittle video! He is a truly gifted speaker!

  14. Paul Wade says:

    I must disagree to a point Dr.9,

    The future of our nation depends on the hands of the voters in their actions of stopping the false votes being counted. No more usurpers allowed in office.

  15. mixplix says:

    You better take notice of the billions of illegal hollow point ammo and the military machines moving into the police departments, are you blind, there’s something very big about to happen, ……..marshall law maybe, after the riots when the government teat is cut off, ..???

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