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Jan 11 2024

The Enemy Is Taking Out Our Dams

Our enemies could do it the traditional way: with a bombing campaign. But that could provoke resistance. So they use a characteristically insidious tactic. They are destroying our infrastructure from within in the name of radical antihuman environmentalism and Cultural Marxism.

Moonbats are delighted at the ongoing project to destroy the dams many rely on to provide electricity:

Copco No. 2 was fully removed in October 2023, marking the first of four dam removals along the Klamath River. The other three dams on the Klamath River that are part of this project are slated to begin removal in January of 2024!

It is the largest dam destruction project in history.

For nearly 100 years, dams on the Klamath River have blocked salmon and steelhead trout from reaching more than 400 miles of habitat, encroached on indigenous culture, [yadda yadda yadda]. The time has finally come for the four dams – J.C. Boyle, Copco No. 1, Copco No. 2, and Iron Gate – built between 1908 and 1962, to come down.

What takes generations to build, it takes moonbats no time at all to destroy.

Estimated cost of the demolition: $500 million. This will be split between taxpayers and utility company PacifiCorp, which will presumably raise rates on whatever electricity it still has to offer to pay for it. The cost in terms of increased energy prices are unknown.

Dam destruction is not limited to California’s Klamath River:

In Ohio, a dam that was built a century ago to power a mill on the East Branch of Rocky River was removed in 2020, which quickly led to a thriving habitat for fish and other wildlife as well as native plants.

Allowing a thriving habitat for people is not on the agenda.

In the United Kingdom, projects big and small are drawing rave reviews. In 2022, 325 dams, weirs, culverts, and levees were removed, and Dam Removal Europe hands out an annual award for the best endeavor.

Leftists tell us that they have to restrict our access to electricity because carbon emissions offend their weather gods. Yet they are just as hostile to emission-free hydroelectric and nuclear as they are to coal and clean-burning natural gas.

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