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May 04 2016

The Exodus Begins

Now that Trump has effectively secured the nomination, conservatives have crumpled in defeat, and submissively aver that progressive populism has triumphed over outmoded principles like individual liberty/responsibility and limited government. Or maybe not. Check out this countermoonbat site’s revised logo:


Reaganite Republican Independent offers a message to Branch Trumpidians that does not look much like the abject surrender they seem to expect.

The site isn’t alone in refusing to climb aboard the bandwagon. John Hawkins writes at Right Wing News:

I’m becoming an independent because I refuse to be part of any party led by a man like Donald Trump. Here at Right Wing News, we’ll cover the election largely the same way that we did when John McCain was the nominee. We will hammer the Democrats, correct lies about the candidate and cover it when he makes news. But, I will never vote for him. Not if Ted Cruz was his VP, not if he cured cancer, not if I had to choose between voting for him and dying in the ballot booth. Trump is like Obamacare. The people who put Trump in place should have to answer for him, not those of us who have been pointing out that he’s a disaster in the making for months.

A battle might be lost, but the war isn’t over. The war against authoritarianism will never be over.

On tips from Torcer and Stormfax.

65 Responses to “The Exodus Begins”

  1. Because Rodham would be better than Trump? What are you smoking?

  2. Occam's Stubble says:

    Populist movements never last long since presidents simply don’t have the power to effect that kind of change. Trump will go away and the rest of us can get back to reforming the Republican party.

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  4. Karma's Janitor says:

    The Republican party now is hazardous waste, not fit for human occupation. There is nothing left for salvage. It has self destructed and requires disposal. There are some attributes from previous versions of it which might be reproduced and inserted in some form to its replacement. But none are ready for delivery at this time.
    It is over, no replay review is necessary. Thank you Mr. Trump.

  5. treedodger says:

    I am not a “Trump Supporter” but by not voting for him as the last chance to stop Hillary, you are effectively endorsing a third Obama term. That puts you below the IQ level of those that voted for his first 8 years.

  6. Sauer Thirtyeight says:

    What puzzles me is how so many professing to be “conservatives” persist in the fantasy that the Republican party was in any useful way conservative. For decades, it’s been only slightly more conservative than the Democratic party; and as the Ds slide into outright socialism, that doesn’t say much for the Rs, who are close behind them.

    This election cycle, the GOP failed to offer a candidate who more than a fringe of voters wanted. That means the R party is sinking into irrelevance. It means American conservatism is sinking into irrelevance also ONLY if conservatives foolishly chain themselves to the sinking ship. The future of conservatism lies elsewhere.

  7. mouth2taco says:

    The rino leadership sold out decades ago, but there are still worthy members in the ranks. Hopefully the leadership will die off and the party can still be reformed from within. I have dreamed for years of the party failing and being replaced with something better, but that doesn’t mean it’s feasible. I just don’t think there is time to fall on our swords and let Clinton win on principle. And sadly, due to the government indoctrination of the youth, I don’t think there are enough people left to support a conservative movement. And I know there are some that are hoping for a collapse and revolution, and I don’t really want to live though that in my old age. Thankfully I only have about 10 years left – 15 tops (maybe 7 with a socialized system).

  8. IMPACT1 says:

    I supported Trump since the moment he said he would build a wall. I haven’t heard a Peep about Americans – Real Americans – for 20 years.
    Trump is as passionate about America as Cruz is….AND Had CRUZ won, I would have got behind HIM!! But he didn’t and the people who supported Cruz I will not gloat…gloating is NOT what this is about…this HAS to be about DEFEATING Hilliary…we must defeat her..we have to..

    I like Ted Cruz he is a good Man, he is also a Lawyer. My sister in law who is a very intelligent woman and who works with Lawyers, once told me Years ago, never let a Lawyer ‘run’ anything but their own practices…they are not cut out to do anything else…so yeah, that may have prejudiced me a bit…but so did Obammy – look how everything turned out with him and how HE (DIDN’T) run the country……and Obammy is a Lawyer…

    The democrats LIED 35+ years ago when Reagan made a ‘deal’ with them to build the wall and here we are….35+ years later – no wall and the Scum of the Planet keeps invading our country, and not only that, they are “Demanding” things FROM the TaxPayers AND our Government…WTF??

  9. Eddie_Valiant says:

    True, but the Dems, used to be more conservative. It’s been said that John Kennedy would be an outcast in today’s Democrat party. More recently, former Senator Joe Lieberman probably couldn’t get elected today, after serving several terms. From WIkipedia:

    He scored the nation’s biggest political upset that year, after being backed by a coalition of Democrats and unaffiliated voters with support from conservative Republicans (most notably including National Review founder and Firing Line host William F. Buckley, Jr. and his brother, former New York Senator James L. Buckley, who were disappointed in three-term Republican incumbent Lowell Weicker’s moderate voting record and personal style. During the campaign, he received support from Connecticut’s Cuban-American community which was unhappy with Weicker. Lieberman has since remained firmly anti-Castro.

    The dems have gone full tilt left, the Repubs have slid towards the middle and lean left. It’s time for a real conservative party to arise. If there’s any good news from the Trump candidacy, we now know who the fake conservatives are.

  10. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Hillary wins:
    – Obamacare becomes cemented into law. Single-payer is a sure thing.
    – 2nd Amendment is gone. Guns will be outlawed or made so prohibitively expensive to own most will give them up.
    – Bankruptcy of the United States is assured.

  11. IMPACT1 says:

    “True Conservatism” has been dead since the rise of the 60’s…THEY killed it back then…and this country has been on a slow downward slope ever since…the Liberals and Democrats made SURE of it…indoctrination…

    Trump and Cruz rose to the top because Americans are sick and tired of getting shafted and crapped on BY the REPUBLICAN PARTY…why would WE want more of the SAME…??

    In fact, we get Crapped on BY EVERYONE…the world…and Trump recognizes that…him saying “No More” is not good enough for Cruz Supporters…

    OR – have you not noticed how INEFFECTIVE the douches in the
    Republican Party are and HAVE been…Americans are TIRED of ineffective leadership..

  12. calmly_observing says:

    When did the GOP ever govern following the principles of individual liberty and limited government? The party sold the Tea Party down the river with empty promises. And that is the NUMBER ONE reason why Trump has gotten so many votes.

    As much as I hate it, the GOP is 90% responsible for this situation.

  13. I am sick and tired of being told that I have to vote for a candidate that I wouldn’t piss on were he on fire simply because if I don’t, the other guy will win. This is the mentality that has given us wonderful things like Obamacare and a House and Senate populated by spineless lying RINOs.

    We survived 8 years of Obama (knock on wood), so I’m not too worried about what idiots like Trump or Clinton might do.

  14. There are no longer two parties, only the Democrats and the Republican Branch of the Democrats.

  15. Johnny Monday says:

    A president in the mold of Drumpf will try to take the power and will do damage to the constitutional form of government. Drumpf would be Obama 2.0 in that respect.

  16. Johnny Monday says:

    Same thing would happen with a Drumpf regime based on his own words.

  17. trump wins presidency says:

    good riddance! don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  18. Lobotomist says:

    In the 1980’s.

  19. calmly_observing says:

    A generation ago. And not exactly big on limited government. That is my point. The GOP only has the GOP to blame. Expecting some change to live up to promises about those principles seems futile.

  20. 762x51 says:

    “The party” is a structure, nothing more. it was founded on a set of principles. That structure was valuable, the people running it were not. Getting rid of the GOP was the wrong solution. What would have worked was getting rid of the people who were screwing it up. Now, we are left with nothing upon which to build. If you think you can rebuild a different structure under the Progressives totalitarian dictatorship, you have failed to grasp the lessons of the gay mafia, political correctness and fascism of college campus all over the country.

    The GOP is dead, killed mostly by the parasitical Progressive fifth column that has run it for years. We will now be ruled either by the NY Progressive narcissist with his do as I say, not as I do attitude or the NY Progressive criminal with her do as I say, not as I do attitude. Conservatism is a set of principles, not a political party. We cannot hold to those principles AND obey the fascism of the cultural Marxists. You must now choose whether you will die on your feet or live on your knees. Your children will live with the consequences of that decision.

  21. Lobotomist says:

    Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say the Democrat and Republican branches of the Progressive Party. It is that central ideology that has brought down the country.

  22. 762x51 says:

    If “he is smart enough to know that the liberal agenda will be the end of this country” then why has he supported that agenda all his adult life?

    The inability to recognize that tRump IS a Progressive is a sign of low IQ. Whether you vote for tRump or Hitlery, you are voting for a Progressive. I will not vote for a Progressive.

    Also, there are not two parties, that is a trick they have been playing on the public for a very long time. They are merely two heads of the same snake, to kill that snake, you must cut off both heads, not just one.

  23. 762x51 says:

    No, because Rodham would be the SAME as tRump.

  24. ray says:

    It is not about your ego. Or mine for that matter. If I had my way there wouldn’t be any of this bs.
    You should follow Ted’s example and concede to the popular demand of your OWN (not my) party, and get on board the Trumptrain. :O) ok that was a low shot.
    I hope Cruz proves to be loyal to God and nation, and that he was serving his nation in stepping down, and in his prior official capacities. If not, then he’s in trouble like a lot of others.
    I do not like politics but this place won’t survive four more demo years, so my suggestion is take some time, lose the tude, and get back to work for the best interest of your nation.

  25. 762x51 says:

    Exactly.They are two sides of the same coin with almost identical positions on every issue.

  26. 762x51 says:

    Civil War is assured, regardless of which one wins. The only difference between the two is tRump pees standing up.

  27. Lobotomist says:

    I agree that the PEOPLE who ran the GOP are to blame. What has been destroyed here is the party and the principles upon which it founded. The rats will leave the ship before it sinks and infest another structure, that’s how rats survive. I know that the vermin running it weren’t following those principles, that does invalidate the principles. What has been lost is the structure upon which to rebuild. Republicans have literally thrown the baby out with the bath water. Discard the vermin, not the place they have invaded. Would you burn down your house because rats had infested it or would you kill the rats?

  28. calmly_observing says:

    I’m not in the #neverTrump camp who wants to burn the whole thing down, now. And I think Cruz is a sincere constitutional conservative, even though he was too eager to jump into silly social issues during his campaign for my tastes. Who is using what bathroom is just not in my top 100 concerns right now. What hurt Cruz most is he has the DC stink on him and can’t shed it. Trump appeals to enough of the conservative base that kept Cruz out of reach.

    Maybe there aren’t enough true conservatives to win a presidential election. I don’t know. One thing is becoming obvious tough. Between the elected class (GOP) and the vindictive voters who hate Trump, there is more long term damage coming.

  29. Andrew Flanders says:

    Better off if you retards don’t vote.

  30. Andrew Flanders says:

    Boo hoo hoo, democrat. Man, this site is nothing but cuck.

  31. Karma's Janitor says:

    I’ve been republican, never a dem, but it needs dismantled and remade

  32. pcm says:

    So according to the excerpt from The Reaganite Independent, those who put Trump in place should have to answer for him? Have those who put Obama in place ever had to answer for him? Nope! Obama’s supporters have only become more insane and the country more racially divided. And that’s why Trump.

    And as I well remember, time was when the so-called hippie generation of the more radical stripe vehemently opposed authoritarianism, and an expanding government was the bane of those times – yet they and their radical followers are the ones responsible over the last few decades to have had the more significant role in creating exactly what they detested; Big Government. The the bra-burning feminists and the political activists marching and protesting everywhere in those days at the drop of a hat are the very ones now in charge. And they have made a huge mess all along.

    Obama came in with a very specific anti-American agenda. In that regard, it does not seem the country can have anyone more opposite radical Obama than Trump.

    I think it should be obvious by now that Hillary would be utterly ruthless, and I truly fear the Clintons will be the final nail.

  33. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Ask yourself….why did Romney lose in 2012? He overwhelmingly won the independents in the middle. But he lost the conservative base. The base didn’t show up to vote for him because 1. He wasn’t a conservative, 2. He didn’t defend capitalism, 3. He wasn’t willing to fight.

    Trump is willing to fight, but not really for conservative principles. The conservative base is even less enthusiastic about Trump than they were about Romney.

    The NeverTrump group doesn’t want to burn things down, We just promised ourselves that we would not vote for yet another RINO.

  34. calmly_observing says:

    So you must be willing to settle for another 8 years of Obama on domestic issues, a guarantee of a SCOTUS to rubber stamp even more progressive laws than Obamacare, and a culture that looks more like today’s college campus. It’s not that one person in one role -president Hillary – can accomplish all of that. It’s that plus the fact that a GOP that leads both houses already is pitiful at playing politics and either capitulates to the minority and Obama, or they mostly agree with the agenda. Combine Hillary with that weakness, and you at the very least get Obama’s next 2 terms.

    My only point with Trump is the evidence is NOT there he would allow the same further erosion of the economy nor the PC crap that Dems practically sponsor. But conservatives are now as vindictive as progressives and want to burn it all down. Assuring our general culture will look more like today’s college campus, with endless aggrieved groups setting the agenda, DC picking favorite industries making some uncompetitive, etc. The current environment on steroids.

    I’m willing to play wait and see on Trump rather than bring on Armageddon like other conservatives. Already there is rumor he is bringing a pro-life advisor on board, for example. But it may not matter to the conservative mob with pitchforks at this point.

  35. Kellisnorris1 says:

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  36. S_O_T_A says:

    No. If the people were smarter, the establishment wouldn’t even exist. The only reason those numbskulls and evildoers in DC are there is because the people put them there.

  37. Stosh says:

    Yet Trump supports Hillary’s and Obozo’s policies….depending on who he’s talking to, or the position he holds today.

  38. mauser 98 says:

    Trump is like Obamacare???
    GOP voted for Obamacare!!!
    Romney invented Obamacare
    Boo Hoo Boner wept he was so happy
    McConnel , McCain hugged Obama,,did a happy dance

    suck it up

  39. Occam's Stubble says:

    I like Trump in the abstract, businessman, outsider, non-PC. What I don’t like is that he doesn’t have a clue when it comes to conservatism. I would’ve preferred the CEO of Whole Foods who is quite the libertarian or the head of Staples who is a traditional conservative.

  40. Occam's Stubble says:

    So would Hillary. The question is who would be worse. I think definitely that’s Hillary.

  41. Troll Magnet says:

    F U TOO~!!!! Your protest vote will give us Clinton!

  42. Troll Magnet says:



  43. OldSailor says:

    My problem is that I am not willing to see what Clinton would do, thus I’ll probably support Trump though unwillingly. Even if Clinton gets indicted (which I doubt Lynch would do) I still would probably support Trump because the DemocRat Socialists would probably run Biden in her place with Warren as VP.

  44. gemjunior says:

    Trump is the only one at all who has a shot at beating Hillary. Hopefully he will succeed in beating her. Trump is also a decent man, although most people are put off by his brash exterior. I lived in NYC till I was 40 and remember all the Trump drama, but I also remember hearing that he saw someone being assaulted by the side of the road, told the limo driver to stop and call the cops, and jumped out of the car to help the guy and the robber ran away. It was later reported as true. Also, I know someone who worked for the Trump buildings as an engineer and he told me Trump paid one of his employee’s children’s medical bills on the quiet, when his insurance was exhausted because of the child’s long term chemo and radiation. I think someone who would do that is a good person. The other reason I would choose Trump is I believe in his desire, drive, and ability to FIX things up – and I think he can and will do it unless he is stopped by the corruption in Washington. There are too many people in DC feasting on what IS NOT THEIRS and they’ve spent many years constructing this system which is akin to a tumor’s angiogenesis – a construction of delivery channels to bring resources meant for the country to themselves. And this is an intricate, delicate system which took time, energy and above all – corruption to build. They aren’t about to let someone come in and kick it all over. So, we will either see total failure of Trump, or I hate to say the possibility of the JFK/Lincoln/McKinley treatment, or the possibility of him being able to somehow unify people into working with each other and him to actually achieve something. I have my doubts, and my dreams….
    I always say anti-Trump stuff on this website so I know it won’t make any difference but I would be much more willing to give him a chance specifically because he is not a Wash DC insider, no matter what or who he went to dinner or wedding with or sang what tune he needed to get his work done. It’s a lot less on the criminal scale of things than Cruz – cheating with women, being quietly working for the CFR, NAU etc. Lying all the time, hated by so many people that worked with him for being an enormous asshole? Going to the supreme court over a guy that stole a calculator from Walmart and instead of the top sentence of 2 years was given 16 years by mistake? When it was discovered the lawyer tried to rectify the error and let the kid out of jail – a white kid – who had already done 3 years. Ted Cruz was Solicitor General of Texas then and tried to keep the kid in jail for 16 years – look it up. Rather than admit a mistake in his state, what a prick.

  45. IMPACT1 says:

    Look I can’t predict what Trump will or will not do. No President ever went into that Office Knowing the “Climate” that is before them…

    What I see is a businessman who is very successful. What I see in Washington DC is a lot – A LOT of foolish spending with Taxpayer Money….Money we do not have and Money that is now gone forever. The ‘people’ in Washington DC are ‘playing’ with other peoples money – OUR MONEY – for their benefit. None of those people in our congress or senate have ‘really’ stood up against the waste…out of fear…time to get over that ‘fear’…. the Taxpayers demand it…Trump is fearless….

    People, need to ask themselves – WHY has our Constitution which is less than 20 Pages long, carried as much weight and more….for over 200 years…than the Miles of Legislation and Laws created since??? – Corruption and Tyranny!!

    I think Donald Trump is smart enough to know the difference. And I think he is smart enough to do what needs to be done (without showing his true cards) to defeat Hilary. That is his goal at the moment…

    Trump runs a tight ship…he Hires the best…associates with the best…he will surround himself with advisors who ARE the BEST…I really believe Trump will surprise a lot of people…besides, he has already done that…

  46. Occam's Stubble says:

    I would believe that were it not for “You gotta make deals” and health care and education being top government priorities.

    When you’re $20 Trillion in debt, you don’t make deals. You slash and burn until the budget’s under control and you can’t do that and still have the federal government involved in health care and education.

  47. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Nope, what I’m saying is that Trump will revert to his liberal roots. Will Trump nominate conservatives to the supreme court? He already said he would nominate his abortion-loving sister. Would Trump move to restrict our 2nd amendment rights? He has already said he favors banning assault weapons.

    You feel comfortable “rolling the dice.” The dice have already been rolled. Trump will not beat Hillary. He has pissed off the women. He has pissed off the Hispanics. He has pissed off the conservative base. His nomination has guaranteed a Hillary win.

  48. calmly_observing says:

    I agree there is a gamble. I used to bet a lot. And a Hillary presidency is a sure thing, with very short odds. Not that she wins, but what the impact will be. Her pandering to every existing and newly defined aggrieved group will no doubt fuel her using every available power to continue to “transform” our culture. She might even make Obama seem moderate, by comparison. She has been very progressive for a long time and a fundamental progressive precept is to use law and the power of government to change culture. Think of what progress has been made by the LGBT lobby, add tens more aggrieved groups, and you’ll approximate what we will get. Every inch of the land will look like a modern college campus, the progressive cultural test bed for over a generation.

    And then there is what she proposes for even more manipulating of industries and the economy, picking even more winners and losers. And at the very least she will place two “living Constitution” judges to SCOTUS.

    Supposed conservatives are making excuses for sitting it out or sabotaging this election by saying it may take too long to recover from Trump. Although I believe those are long odds that it would be true, it is perfectly laughable about to read all of the gibberish about how Hillary would be better. THAT is completely unsupportable.

    I would probably be more against Trump if I had any faith in the GOP. But they are useless when it comes to playing politics WITH a legislative majority. Hillary will steamroll them. The cynic in me says most in the elected class really want a big, central government and just dupe Tea Partiers and conservatives to get votes.

  49. Lobotomist says:

    Who was DC insider Boehner endorsing? How about McConnell?, Etc? Oh yeah, tRump, not Cruz. That should have laid the insider BS to rest but Trumpettes have a very shallow learning curve.

    tRump cannot beat Clinton, we have said that for a year now.

    This always been true since before the primaries started. The Trumpanzees have handed the WH to Hillary and the Progressives. Actually, they have handed it to the Progressives whether Hillary wins or not because tRump is a Progressive just like Clinton.

    More damage indeed.

  50. IMPACT1 says:

    I agree. Trump can’t come right out and say he’s going to slash and trash even if it is on the agenda….I am sure Trump is going to see the horror of poor Fiscal Governence inside of Washington… and will not hesitate to expose it to the American people so they (we) really know why it is we have had it past our eyeballs with the whole corrupt lot of them….

    Trump is already exposing how those in our Government are such poor incompetent “negotiators” – (deal makers)…especially with other countries too happy to go along with the incompetence….and take advantage of us and it..costing the AMerican people billions…Getting people back to work will alleviate ‘paying’ them to not work costing us Trillions

  51. Mr_Paine says:

    I refuse to be part of a party that has leaders like McConnell, Ryan, Boener and Hastert.

    GOPee’s death ruled a suicide.

  52. Occam's Stubble says:

    If he really does get up there and start slashing and trashing, I will sing his hosannas.

    However, I’m not confident that anyone who says that health care and education are in the government’s top three priorities is going to find anything to slash or trash.

  53. CTsOpinion says:

    I will not support or vote for anyone that supports Trump.

  54. BruceWV says:

    GOP> Go Other Party

  55. AmericanDuckie says:

    Awesome to see so many seeing the light of corruption. Time to take out the trash… throw them in the Trumpster Dumpster. They all deserve each other.

  56. 762x51 says:

    Ahhh, the fascism of a true Progressive. No wonder you are a hard line cult supporter.

    I might not, but if I do, it won’t be for tRump.

  57. 762x51 says:

    Maybe, but only slightly. The difference isn’t worth noting.

  58. Fantom says:

    I’m voting ‘Bert.

  59. Fantom says:

    That would be the lessor of two weasels.

  60. Fantom says:

    Scam Wow trump is the same corrupt scum as is Cliton.

  61. Moshe Levin says:

    The two major parties are Independents and Democrats. The GOP is the minority party today
    45% of Americans identified as Democrats/ Democratic-leaning independents, while 42% identified as Republicans/ Republican-leaning independents.

  62. Moshe Levin says:

    I’m with Her

  63. Moshe Levin says:

    GOP was never a “Tea Party” nor was Reagan ever a “Tea Party” person. The GOP had a coup and the “Tea Party” became the GOP. Check out youtube Bush /Reagan Immigration Debate.

  64. Moshe Levin says:

    Cruz is a “Tea Party” not a Reagan GOP. Pres. Reagan could not be elected today as a GOP candidate.

  65. Moshe Levin says:

    Trump’s rubes don’t know JACK. Trump has his boys and girls in line. If he does become Pres, he will nominate his sister/Maryanne Trump Barry to the Supreme Court. The Dems vote yes, the GOP bewildered. Should have voted for Hillary cried the GOP as they marched to their tomb.

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