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Jun 08 2023

The Flag We Live Under

The media yells that those who orient their lives and their personal identities around indulging in sexual perversion are “marginalized.” Meanwhile, in reality:

To the extent liberals are able to impose a world government, things will not go well for Christians, or for children who have been designated for transsexualization.

As the LGBT flag is the One World Government flag, it is also the flag the US military salutes under liberal rule:

Comments Benny Johnson,

This cult is actively disgracing our military and replacing the American flag like we are a conquered people.

We must be a conquered people. There is no chance that any decent population would tolerate the transsexualization of children or the ramming down their throats of degeneracy and depravity if they had control of their country.

Fortunately, conquered people have been known to throw off their rulers.

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