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Aug 29 2011

The Great Divider

The most ridiculous reason I ever heard for voting for Barack Hussein Obama was the guffaw-inducing notion that he would magically unite our center-right country under the banner of liberalism. Here’s what national treasure Thomas Sowell has to say on the matter:

“Community organizers don’t unify. They divide, they polarize. That’s how they get what they want.”

The only way the Manchurian Moonbat will unite us is if he manages to bring us all together in opposition to his malignant agenda. With a Gallup approval rating currently at 38% and sinking fast, he doesn’t have far to go.

Via Teacheru. Tip from wingmann.

17 Responses to “The Great Divider”

  1. Garpin says:

    Easily one of the least quoted most underrated conservative of our time.

    I don’t say this very often: I LOVE this guy.

    He is the epitome of everything that is good and right in our country.

    God has blessed him with a genius we could only hope for in our politicians.

  2. Jimbo says:

    Brraaaaack(excuse me) Isane Obama wants to unit conservatives alright. In his obscene fanatical dreams he wants to unite us right into prison camps.

    Obama is a stupid and dangerous racist. Not a good combination.

  3. Fiberal says:

    BO is not just a polarizer, he is an out and out racist.

    So what now? He establishes the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. He opens it up with an accusatory, race-laden, over-generalized fantasy guilt-trip painting of a little black girl being escorted to a segregated school by Norman Rockwell.

    Just breath taking.

    So what’s the conversation between white father and white son touring the shiny new Office of Diversity and Inclusion supposed to sound like?

    “Dad, why are those men walking with that little girl in the picture?”

    “Well Son, the little girl is black and bad white men threw that tomato at her.”

    “Oh. Why did they do that?”

    “Because she’s black and they are white. And they are racists.”

    “Oh. Aren’t we white, Daddy?”

    “Yes, Son we are.”

    “Are we racists?”

    “Yes, Son all white people must share a collective guilt of racism. And the President put that picture up to always remind us that we are racists.”

    “Oh. Racists are bad aren’t they”

    “Yes, you are Son, Yes you are.”

    But I suppose if I were BO, had absolutely no principles, experience, education or perspective, and got everything I had through affirmative action and the benevolence of whites, I’d hide behind my race as well.

    If BO is re-elected President in 2012, at this rate, I grant that it will not be safe for a white person, congressman or whatever, to walk anywhere near the White House.

    Here’s the idiot’s painting:

  4. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Well if daily anti-white violent race terrorism and black flashmobs robbing merchandise from stores in malls is racial harmony, then Manchurian Mau Mau Messiah has been highly successful.

    All it will take if for one whitey to fight back a la Bernie Goetz on a store video and he will get the anarchy he promotes.


  5. lao says:

    I notice, among other things that “father Fiberal” failed to mention to “his son” that the picture portrayed events that took place over FIFTY years ago and then followed that up with some outright lies.

    That’s pretty shabby parenting fibby.

    Those capable of better analysis than fibby are encouraged to click his link, read the article and view the video.

  6. Fiberal says:

    lao-z says:
    “That’s pretty shabby parenting fibby.”

    That’s right Lao-Z, as are some people’s genetically-challenged children who loiter on this site with nothing to say.


    And first things we do to restore america is to get ourselves out of the UNITED NATIONS and have NAFTA and CAFTA repealed

  8. A. Levy says:


  9. ant says:

    Wish I could speak like Thomas Sowell, very calm, thoughtful organized logic. Such a contrast from the rantings and ravings of people like Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz and others. Such a contrast from “Resist we much..”.

  10. Joek Loth says:

    obama is like a terroist detonating a suicide vest, but in REEEAAAALLLLYYY(really) SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWW motion. It’s like this, on the day he usurped the highest office in our land, he dialed his cell phone triggering the chemical reaction of the C4 bricks loaded into the pockets on the vest. And slowly the cloth material of the pockets start to shread. While at the same time(right about now) his innerds are contracting inwards from the concussive force. Which in a SLOW MO-NANOSECOND his innerds will become OUTERDS!!!
    Along with bones, blood, nutz, dolts(bolts), screws and ballbearings. Noticce I didnt say BRAINS!!!
    You all watch the “DESTRUCTION” he unleashes in the next fourteen months. Especially with his poll numbers tanking. His job is done whether he wins or not. The expolding of the vest is continueing to unfold. The riots will come. The black flash mobs, that are being encouraged by scum like maxine waterhead, B. Insane obama are just practicing their tactics.
    Man I really need to get a landmine perimeter laid out!!
    Any volunteers? laosy perhaps, maybe thedarkdickdripsthatisknownaseric!!!

  11. Carmen says:

    This is not about collective well being. This is not about money (though that is a necessary channel). This is not about HC, or SS or good diets or helping the “little” people & the peasants.

    This is about POWER. Dictatorial desires combined w/ mental illness combined w/ sheeple, combined w/ apathy & stupidity on the part of the electorate.

    Hussein hates whites and blacks equally – he just plays up the black electorate b/c it is expedient. Race riots would be delightful to him; a fun diversion from the boring job of reading TOTUS to the masses of drooling infidels.

    Hussein is a muzzie w/3 known muzzie brotha’ hood thugs in the WH with him, not counting Jarrett the puppet master. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac – power over food, people, life – genocide is power, deciding who lives and who dies, funding by said drooling infidels; changing us into Haiti while the elites live in palaces and we in hovels is POWER.

  12. james says:

    Uncle Tom alert.

  13. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    Marxist useful idiot alert

  14. james says:

    @DorkMeister – That alert would come from the Congressional Black Caucus – not me.

  15. judi says:

    Fiberal, you’re an idiot. There’s nothing wrong with that Norman Rockwell picture hanging in a prominent spot. There’s nothing wrong with remembering history. School segregation, Jim Crow laws and slavery are all a part of American history that we should acknowledge. We should also acknowledge that from the beginning there were many who fought against those things. America is a great nation founded on great principles but no one has ever claimed perfection. Rockwell’s painting probably served to bring home the problem to Americans who didn’t deal with it. I’m a conservative. I can’t stand this president’s. I think he’s destroying our nation from the inside out but your rant about this painting is irrelevant and not helpful.

  16. judi says:

    I can’t stand this president’s *policies*. I left out a word somehow.

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