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Jan 10 2019

The Green New Deal and the Killing Fields

Despite its obvious collectivist objectives, the Green New Deal championed by today’s radical Democrats is only superficially similar to something Stalin would have imposed. Stalin only starved a relatively small percentage of the Soviet population. The totalitarianism of malevolent lunatics like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and of course Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (all of whom support the Green New Deal) is more along the lines of the social engineers of the Khmer Rouge, who managed to kill off one-quarter of the population of Cambodia.

These days, leftists would regard a body count on that scale as a good start but insufficient to perfect the weather through reduction of carbon emissions. Jim Geraghty has a look at the fine print of the Green New Deal:

Under the Green New Deal, within eleven years, the United States would be required to eliminate not merely nuclear power — which does not directly produce any carbon dioxide or air pollution — but all natural gas. Natural gas currently provides about 32 percent of America’s energy, and nuclear power produces another 10 percent. The “Green New Deal” would also eliminate coal, which provides almost 18 percent of America’s energy, and liquid natural gas and oil, which generates another 28 percent.

In other words, within eleven years, the United States would need to replace about 88 percent of its current energy sources. This is not possible short of a societal collapse to agrarian subsistence.

An agrarian subsistence economy would support only a small fraction of the USA’s current population. Millions of us would starve so as to usher in an insane conception of utopia, just like in Cambodia under Pol Pot.

The Green New Deal would also:

• Destabilize world politics by cutting the US military at least in half;

• Directly throw out of work millions of people employed in forbidden industries;

• Ban “non-essential individual means of transport” (i.e., privately owned automobiles);

• Replace unemployment insurance with make-work government jobs (i.e., when our jobs disappear, we become federal property).

But since civilization will collapse as soon as the energy mandates are imposed, none of these bullet points matters. Our only concern will be to count ourselves among the few who don’t die of starvation or in the inevitable violence.

At least this would solve our illegal immigration problems. Central America is heaven on earth compared to what Democrats want to turn America into.

On a tip from Varla.

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