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Jun 05 2019

The High Cost of Degeneracy

Wallowing in degeneracy may be fashionable nowadays, but it still comes with consequences.

From New York:

A Greenwich Village man was allegedly robbed by a date he met on Grindr — but told cops he couldn’t scream for help because he had “a jock strap and ball gag in his mouth,” police sources said Monday. …

The man told police he had met his date in a section of the app called “Black Men Love Fisting,” the sources said.

Normally, you meet such nice people that way.

The date made off with $3,000.

From the particular to the general:

Gonorrhoea diagnoses in England have risen to their highest level for 40 years and jumped 26 per cent since 2017, sparking warnings from health chiefs about the threat from drug resistant strains. …

Experts warned about the UK’s first case of “super-gonorrhoea” a year ago, although the man was eventually cured it required extensive treatment with a cocktail of drugs usually held in reserve for the most serious infection.

Sounds extravagantly expensive. Luckily for him, the taxpayer presumably picked up the tab for his lifestyle.

According to Public Health England,

“[S]ince 2009, gonorrhoea diagnoses have risen by 249 per cent (from 16,141 to 56,259), mostly due to increases among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (referred to collectively as ‘MSM’).”

This is blamed not on the behavior that causes it but rather on the government not throwing enough money at the problem.

It isn’t gonorrhea alone. Chlamydia has risen 2% since 2017.

Syphilis and herpes cases also continued to rise, jumping 5 per cent and 3 per cent respectively.

People can stop saying that wrong behavior is wrong. They can even take “pride” in it. But it is still wrong, and doing wrong leads to bad consequences.

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