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Dec 15 2016

The High Price of Resisting Shoplifters of Color

Business owners had better let shoplifting by Criminals of Color slide. Otherwise, they could end up like Gibson’s Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio.

Last month shop employee Allyn Gibson caught an Oberlin College student stealing two bottles of wine…

Allyn Gibson attempted to stop the alleged thief, Jonathan Aladin, from leaving the store and tried to take a photo him as he bolted. Gibson got whacked in the face with his own phone. Aladin then reportedly ran while throwing the two bottles of wine on the floor, becoming “violent” and “grabbing and hitting Allyn.” Aladin ran out with two females who were with him in the store. Gibson followed and tried to detain the alleged shoplifter again on the street.

Police arrived to find Gibson on his back in the street, being beaten by several individuals who put up resistance when authorities tried to gain control of the situation. Gibson’s assailants included Endia Lawrence and Cecelia Whettstone, who had accompanied Aladin in the store. They were charged with assault. But Gibson’s Bakery did not escape punishment either.

Aladin, who is black, became the new poster boy of institutional racism and oppression. Students organized protests and shrieked about “racial profiling,” claiming that the bakery had a history of discriminating against customers “of color.”

It gets worse. Leading the charge in the latest War on Small-Biz Bakeries is the Oberlin College dean of students, Meredith Raimondo, who joined the baying mob in bullying the Gibson family. She disseminated flyers libelously asserting that Gibson’s is a “racist establishment with a long account of racial profiling and discrimination.” Convicted in the crazy Oberlin College court of public opinion, the school refused to renew its longstanding daily order of donuts and bagels. For a small business with razor-thin margins, losing that order could be devastating.

The lesson business owners are left with is that if they don’t let blacks help themselves to the merchandise, they could be accused of “racism” and possibly bankrupted.

If you have ever been in an inner-city liquor store, where nothing that might be stolen is allowed within reach of the presumably feral customers, you have seen the future of American retail, as savage ghetto culture is forced into the mainstream with a major assist from the liberal intelligentsia.

On a tip from Steve A.

10 Responses to “The High Price of Resisting Shoplifters of Color”

  1. Sean says:

    Well, this college may have just made this baker a rich man. If the Dean acting in official capacity and using college resources slandered this person they may be able to sue for a nice sum. They should go after the college and the Dean and student leaders in court.

  2. Azsteve53 says:

    2 sets of laws, one for the preferred race classes, the other set of laws for the non preferred classes. After all our overlords have determined the racial worth of all of us based on our racial metrics. Remember the worthless racial class just elected the president of the USA and will be punished for our non loyalty

  3. serenitynow says:

    This is getting out of control. These people are out of control. Bring in the Ohio State Guard, large dogs and the fire department to give them some control! Enough already. BLM my big fat white ass.

  4. dda6ga says:

    Hey shoplifter come to Cook County Illinois-Chicago..New States Attorney being a Mosby want to be has announced that no shoplifting charges will be prosecuted unless the value of the merchandise is more the $1,000.00

    The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has a new policy concerning retail thefts.

    Felony Review will not be approving felony charges unless the property in question is valued over $1000.

    However, if felony charges are based upon the offender’s prior criminal
    history, then charges will not be approved unless the offender has ten or more prior felony convictions. [emphasis added – SCC]

    Felony review assistants will be looking at the defendants on a case by
    case basis with this in mind. There will still be scenarios where
    felony charges are appropriate even though the $1000. value or the 10
    felony conviction threshold is not met. Those cases can still be
    evaluated for the upgrade.

    Officers and Detectives should communicate with Felony Review or Donna
    Norton and myself, on specific cases that require exceptions to this
    general rule.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Donna or me.


    Mike Deno

    Supervisor of District 5

    Cook County State’s Attorney Office

    10220 S. 76th Avenue

  5. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    This guy better get ready for activist SJWs coming into his store demanding gay wedding gift wrapping.

  6. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    I’m sure the ACLU will get right on that.

  7. MAS says:

    If you live in or near Oberlin you should go out of your way to do business with Gibson”s bakery and spread the word. Drive their profit margins stratospheric,,,

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  9. Dr Why says:

    Well, theft is Negro culture. You don’t want to go against Negro culture, do you?

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