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May 11 2017

The Horror of Pets as Surrogate Children

The destruction of the traditional family by progressive ideology has produced a grotesque phenomenon: people who regard their dogs and cats as surrogate children, bestowing upon them the parental instincts that would otherwise produce the next generation. Highlights from an insightful piece by G. Shane Morris:

It is now commonplace to hear young people my age unironically refer to their pooches and kitties (I’m horrified to even write this) as “children,” “fur-babies,” “kids,” “girls,” “boys,” or “sons and daughters.” …

Millennials, it turns out, are twice as likely as baby boomers to buy clothing for their pets, an industry which, along with other forms of “pet-pampering,” amounted to $11 billion last year, and markets such essential items as pet strollers and pet slings.

Some regard their pets as practice babies, then never get around to having real babies.

In September, the Washington Post reported on findings from research firm Mintel that quantify the replacement-baby epidemic. Young Americans are less likely than their parents to own a car or a home, and half as likely to be married as Americans were 50 years ago. But we have a handy lead over the baby-boomers in one area: pet ownership. The frontrunners of the millennial pack who’ve already entered careers could be rechristened the “dog-boomers.”

Baby boomers left behind another generation. Dog-boomers will leave behind a country taken over by people from alien cultures that are dramatically inferior in most ways but that still produce children.

Not even dogs benefit from the pathological attempt to “identify” them as kids:

They don’t want to be pushed around in a carriage, sung to sleep, or sent to daycare. They don’t want to be your surrogate infant. They want to be your pack-mate—your hunting companion. They want to chase down something in the woods and rip its still-beating heart out, together. They are, after all, descended from wolves.

Animals are animals. Making them wear bonnets does not turn them into human beings, any more than Bruce Jenner’s pathetic antics turn him into a woman.

What about the future?

On a tip from Wife of Jack S.

52 Responses to “The Horror of Pets as Surrogate Children”

  1. DaBird says:

    HEY! What about us birds? Birds have feelings too. sniffle, sniffle, sniffle!

  2. Smoked Sausage says:

    Your dog and your cat will fight over who gets to eat your stupid face if you slip in the shower.

  3. Mr. Freemarket says:

    If your child is a dog, then you really are a bitch.

  4. Larry Geiger says:

    Restaurants with pets. I will not go there. And now they have expanded the definition of “Service Animal” to such an extent that it’s almost useless. Pitiful. Good grief people.

  5. Esther says:

    You’ll be relieved to know that PETA also wants to put an end to the oppressive human custom of having pets.

  6. jeffunde says:

    I am a great animal lover, but I do agree with you on this. And the “service animal” horse, turkey, etc is ridiculous.

  7. Tom says:

    Beat me to it.

  8. J- says:

    A generation of mom’s went to work, sent their kids to daycare, wanted to be “career women” and sent the message to their children that they (the kids) were a burden on mom’s professional life. No wonder these kids never wanted to leave childhood or have real children of their own. They want the childhood now they didn’t have as kids and don’t want to be burdened by kids as adults.

    The baby boomers selfishness destroy a generation of Americans.

    These millennials are bad, but they were made that way by their parents.

  9. Wilberforce says:

    Well-stated! I’ve always wondered how it became okay to let strangers raise their children…

  10. TheChaoticStorm says:

    I have friends with “furkids” who cannot physically have children. Although their pets are their lives, even they are not into the marketing hysteria of babyish pet products and completely agree on the misuse of “support animals”. Granted, they only have big dogs and not ankle biters.

    Our small dog has a sweater for winter because she has hair loss. It’s not a fashion accessory and we never purchased it for that purpose. Plus, she hates it anyway.

  11. huron says:

    My family calls me my dogs dad? that is very disturbing.

  12. huron says:

    Post scriptIfthat was true it would be ne uuuugyy pooch!!

  13. Jester says:

    Dogs are the new children, but monkeys are the new dogs:

  14. DM says:

    As can be easily seen by my avatar, I like dogs and have on occasion bred a few litters and done Dog Shows. Love my dogs & bitches but they are pets not children. They are cared for and loved but they in no way take the place of humans in my thoughts. They are fun to have around and serve a purpose. NO ONE comes around my property with out knowing it is well guarded. They keep the unwelcome wildlife away (like the outdoors cats do) and keep the deer and other animals from getting into what ever is planted. They earn their way.
    Just a note, on occasions when anyone suggests that I am a pet parent, they get corrected asap. I OWN them.

  15. CGW409 says:

    PETA’s going to have some serious problems if they try to come “liberate” my little gray fuzzball and considering her reaction to people she doesn’t know I’ll be getting the boot in while Smudge does her best imitation of a facehugger from Alien and they plead for me to detach the cat they unwisely F’d with.

  16. DM says:

    Don’t forget H$U$ and A$PCA and all the other animal rights groups that want animals to be treated better than humans and no pets. They of course want you to be a vegan too.

  17. Ferd Berfel says:

    this is a GOOD thing!! These people have serious mental issues and likely should never be allowed to have real children and raise them.

  18. Ferd Berfel says:

    if they’re that lonely and confused I’ll gladly go to their house and pee on the carpet for them

  19. CGW409 says:

    My late wife and I sometimes referred to the cat as our fur baby or baby girl but that was as far as it went. We understood she was a cat and nothing more.
    We never had kids as we put it off figuring til we were slightly better off.
    With her sudden death in October of 2013 from a near symptomless pulmonary embolism it turns out that decision worked out as I’m barely keeping body and soul together and don’t know how I would have handled trying to raise kids (yeah plural,twins ran in her family and skipped a generation) but I know Smudge has been a Godsend.
    Don’t let anyone tell you they’re just dumb animals. In the months after my wife passed I found a few audio clips of her voice and of her laughing that I transferred to my phone.
    One evening about a year after her death I absentmindedly thumbed the file up on my phone completely forgetting I had not done so in earshot of Smudge and as soon as she heard Stacey’s voice she was at my side in a shot, nuzzling the phone and meowing loudly and looking at me with a “I heard mommy where is she?” look.

  20. rosetta_stoned says:

    I’m so glad we have people like you who decide how other people should live their lives.

  21. SouthernReality says:

    I’ve been wondering if my wife and I were the only ones disgusted by this dangerous, ridiculous trend.
    During the past ten years or so I have observed many young couples and their pets. A couple with no dogs/cats will have a higher propensity to produce offspring. One dog and the chances go down. Two dogs will almost certainly mean no kids.
    We actually went through a grieving period when our son and his wife sent us pictures of their second dog. No kids in 3 years and she is mid-thirties.
    Veterinarians have helped with this confusion by adopting hospital scrubs as office uniforms and referring to the animals with the owners last name. The expense of the care for animals is astronomical and insulting when people gripe about THEIR healthcare costs but shell out thousands of dollars for old, dying $200 dogs!!
    As a side note and not as an insult – we traveled to Denver and spent some time where I developed the idea of the ‘3 Ds’ of Denver – drinking, drugs, and dogs. No kids, empty playgrounds converted to dog parks, pubs and ‘dispensaries’ on every corner. Sad but eerie – like some Twilight Zone episode about the end of the world where no one notices until only a few are left.
    A selfish, delusional descent into genetic oblivion.

  22. Angel says:

    We had our three kids and now they are gone on their own. Now we have had our third dog, and she is great. We love her like she was our fourth kid. But, she’s still just a dog. Great for protection and companionship. She has ridded our property of varmits and kept the deer from eating the shrubbery. It’s hard to imagine we would mistake her for a human when she’s got an armadillo in her mouth.

  23. Jack Bauer says:

    Yeah….I knew in a second it was her child. The resemblance is so obvious…
    Must be loads of laughs when the monkey gets pissed off and starts throwing his poop around the house.

  24. Esther says:

    The founder of the ASPCA helped stop the abuse of children from being legal in this country. He carried a broken child in his arms to court and pleaded that children are worth at least as much protection as an animal.

    But, so many of these groups are losing their way.

  25. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    So will an awful lot of children. They won’t wait for you to fall in the shower either.

  26. CRC60 says:

    I think he is merely suggesting nature weeds out the week.

  27. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    A dog is by far more loyal and selfless than any child. A dog never says “you never loved me” as they run off with their new Liberal boyfriend with purple hair and a spike through his nose as they ridicule their father..

    I am very thankful to not have children (at least that I know of) when I see the coming purges of men who look and think like we do. We are without a homeland nor a nation. Every system is geared toward excising us, our history and our culture. The world my children would have inherited is openly hostile to every breath they would have taken and would seek to scapegoat them at every turn as opportunities would be denied them. I often ask my friend who is a father what he tells his son about the world he will live in. Do you teach him how much he will be hated? Do you tell him how he will have to be so much stronger and smarter than everyone around him just to keep up?

    I found myself teaching his son how to defend himself, how to project an air of confidence and fearlessness because others will pick up on weakness and attack him for it. I taught him how effective a kick to the groin is in putting someone down who seeks to harm you, how it is more powerful than a punch and can be delivered at a greater length than a punch. These would be the things I would have taught my own kids.

    It is not that I hadn’t planned on having the 2.3 replacement rate number of children. After decades of dating the products of second wave feminism who already had been conditioned to see men as playthings with wallets and who suffered myriad psychiatric issues from believing they were simultaneously princesses, superheroes and omniscient, it is just not something that I likely will do now.

    It isn’t “selfish” to not be a parent. In many ways it is extremely selfless in keeping the people you would have loved out of a world that would have destroyed them. And it is not because people have pets, but because many realize they could never afford to provide the resources a child would require for a good life in this fundamentally transformed society.

    The destruction wrought upon society by schools and media poisons children against their parents and women against the men who wanted to be their husbands and children’s fathers. Had I found a partner whom I believed strong enough to offset all of the challenges in raising children that stood a fighting chance while being a loyal partner and wife, I would have been a father as would many men.

    It is wrong to condemn childless people and those who love their dogs. My dogs were my family. I never played dress up with them nor treated them like infants. They were my friends, my protectors and members of my pack. Man’s best friend…

  28. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Christ.. you have no idea until you live with a cockatoo for 20 years.

    Worse than a woman to live with. Manipulative, demanding, screaming and can answer you back. AND THEY DO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

  29. The Deplorable EtoculusDei says:

    They are my kids, I am there mom.

    Did you get pregnant the old fashion way or did you use artificial insemination???
    I be it was a total riot when they were teething.

  30. The Deplorable EtoculusDei says:

    You don’t sound very happy. Sad.

  31. The Deplorable EtoculusDei says:

    Oh my God…someone expressed an opinion….in the opinion section The Humanity!!!!!

  32. Ferd Berfel says:

    you seem like someone who voted for Free Stuff

  33. DaBird says:

    I’ve heard that, but some women can out do them.

  34. Gail Finke says:

    I do know millennials who buy clothes for their dogs. But all the people I know who call their animals their “fur babies” are over 50, and most of them are childless.

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    The women eventually leave… the cockatoo you are stuck with for 80 – 120 years unless you kill him and they often make you want to. It is a lifetime commitment, likely your own lifetime. So many of them end up in sanctuaries because they are so hard to deal with and people don’t realize that when they get them. They are like 3-year-old children in terms of intelligence and vocabulary. I still am learning to live with one after 20 years.

  37. markflag says:

    It is not wrong to choose to remain childless if one knows oneself. It is not wrong to have a pet, say a golden lab or something. It is when the pet is treated better than a child or the way one treats others in daily life. Baby talk to a dog? Telling the pooch, that had just been licking its nuts, to go give “Uncle Bobby a thweet kiss on his face” (Get the eff away from me you cur) or, as one acquaintance did, voluntarily defaulted on her student loans because her dog ran away, got hit by a car, had a hip replacement, and she owed the vet 10 grand. That last is immoral. “Gourmet” dog food (they lick their nuts!) and clothing to keep them warm (what happened to global warming?) is sad. The original that spurred the excerpts above is good. Author has a point. A dog is a great companion to walk in the woods on an autumn day. I had one who loved the words, “go check the mail.” It meant a walk to the mailbox 1/2 mile from the house with unlimited field running (I walked 1 mile round trip pooch did at least three through zigging). He ate dog food and the occasional part of a hamburg in which I’d lost interest. No, he did not get Christmas presents, a birthday cake, or any of that other absurd stuff. And one day he died. I did not keep the ashes in an urn on the mantle.

    Many of these sad cases are projecting their emotions onto the pooch. And are dismayed when it bites them or mauls someone (mine bit me once, my fault but I never did it again). Dogs are animals. They are not human. They have tiny brains (cats have even tinier ones) but they function well within their limits. And those limits are broached way before those of a flesh and blood rather than fur and hide child.

  38. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Dogs are in many ways what we want people to be: pure in soul, loyal, compassionate and incapable of betrayal. They are more than curs, but hey do not have the intellectual capacity of humans and do answer to their embedded traits making them predictable to a certain point beyond which they can be unpredictable.

    They have limited lifespans far shorter than humans. Once beyond that lifespan, all of the medical technology in the world only extends a painful sickly life at tremendous financial cost. I understood that for decades. Some cannot let go when it is time and inflict pain in their selfishness. I never wanted to let go, but understood what had to be.

    A true animal lover knows that they are only blessed with a short time to enjoy the companionship of their pal, that it is bookended in time and based in the genes, instinct and capabilities of their individual dog.

    The vet’s charges were what I have found immoral especially after speaking with veterinary workers who explained to me how much money vets make by convincing desperate owners to do procedures that won’t extend a quality life. I was harangued by a woman Doberman owner about “how much they can do now” and how frequent vet trips are a sign of a good owner. She explained how an amputation is not such a bad thing and will extend the dog’s life. I seldom took my Dobermans to the vet. They were well cared for, treated when sick. Given antibiotics when necessary, fed well and given exercise. When the end approached, I gave them as much palliative care as I could and kept them comfortable for as long as I could. When I could no longer keep them comfortable I allowed a vet to stop their suffering.

    Cancer is what killed five of my dogs and my mother. Even if cost was no factor, the horrors of the treatments are something that should not be inflicted on an a human who can understand and communicate what is happening, let alone a dog who is incapable of understanding. Fortunately euthanasia is an option for a dog when the time comes where he can no longer be a dog.

    A dog will not bury you when you die, but he will stay by your side. A dog is not a child and a child is not a dog. They cannot be each other. That is what so many of our transformed generations cannot comprehend. Women from what I have witnessed make dogs into something they are not and project complex dramas onto them. They give them vacations, costumes demand others take notice of their “Burt” as my ex used to. Pay attention to him! He feels unappreciated!. Umm… no… he is quite happy with food in his belly, a ball to play with and a warm soft bed near a master who does not mistreat him. It is quite easy to make a dog happy.

    Mentally compromised people project their complex insecurities and machinations onto their pets. A dog isn’t measuring slights as his owner apparently is.

  39. Adam says:

    I’ve always found it interest in the account of Genesis that when God declared that it wasn’t good for man to be alone, the first thing He did was not create Eve, but instead had Adam name all of the animals. It was in this activity that Adam discovered that none of the animals were a suitable helper to him. Only after that discovery was Eve created.

    In short, animals can be wonderful companions and friends, but they are simply NOT a substitute for any type of human relationship.

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  41. DaBird says:

    Maybe that was why the parrot was in my tree. It flew away, but was captured the next day when it was hanging upside down taunting a ladies golden retriever. LOL!

  42. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Mine still calls the three Doberman Pinschers that he lived with and whom he has now outlived. He especially misses the last one who used to play with him and whom he would bite his ears. A 130Lb giant doberman playing with a cockatoo is a sight. When we first got the cockatoo we had a 4 month old doberman and an 11-year-old. The old one wanted nothing to do with the bird, but the little one thought he was his playmate. One afternoon, having not understood how cockatoos can open their cages unless they are padlocked, the cockatoo escaped and was wondering around the living room floor. I heard strange noises coming from the living room and the puppy running. When I went to investigate the puppy was biting at the cockatoo’s crest feathers and the cockatoo was yelling “Cut it out you son of a bitch” and f*ck you!” I watched in amazement wishing I had recorded the incident.

    The bird still calls for that dog. A couple of years after he died, I had two dobermans, an 11-year-old and a two year old. One afternoon the bird called out the names of the younger one, than the older one and after a pause in a forlorn voice – called out the name of the one that had died. It was amazing to think that this bird knew that his friend was gone and that he missed him. Like saying here are my two friends, but I miss the one that is gone.

  43. DaBird says:

    When one of my dogs died, the other one became depressed. Living with a bird must be like living with a beagle. Mine is a smart, but danged funny son of a gun. The only dumb animals are on CNN.

  44. MAS says:

    We have a Jack Russell terrier (the other is a Cairn), the jury is still out on who owns whom but she is still just a dog. She didn’t replace our children even though she is MUCH more honest and loyal than they ever have been.

  45. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    20 years ago when we had to euthanize my German Shepherd at 11-years-old, the Doberman Pinscher he had been raised with and who was his constant non-human companion, had to be put on anti-depressants. He could not be left alone and would chew doors and doorknobs until he figured out how to open them and escape. He learned to open doors with his mouth.

  46. SNuss says:

    Any type? I (sadly) have met some rather toxic humans (mostly Leftists). Pets are much better behaved

  47. SNuss says:

    That is either a BIG dog, or a small armadillo.

  48. SNuss says:

    If Obama had a son…….

  49. rex freeway says:

    My Doberman is my baby. But when it comes to brass tacks, she’s a dog. She has the ability to make bad people shit themselves. It’s why ive owned or been owned by 5 over the years.

  50. rex freeway says:

    There is a man in my neighborhood that puts his bull dog in a baby carriage and goes for a walk everyday. And he has the dogs features!

  51. Marisa says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

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