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Mar 08 2019

The Independent Gives Insane Advice to British Women

Following two horrific beheadings, the Independent offers mind-bending advice.

Remember Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland, the terminally naive Scandinavian girls who got themselves beheaded for being European by camping in Morocco just last December? The Independent doesn’t seem to. Morocco is listed at #1 in an article on “10 of the Best Female-Only Trips for Solo Travellers” in honor of International Women’s Day:

Intrepid Travel has launched new limited edition women’s expeditions, which are all about “breaking down barriers, fostering discussion and creating immersive local experiences for women that are ordinarily off limits on our regular group departures”.

Its Morocco Women’s Expedition is an off-map hiking adventure…

Any British woman who hikes solo in Morocco is likely to have an immersive experience, all right. She may be immersed in her own blood as she dies screaming in horror for the glory of Allah, like Louisa and Maren.

The Independent is immersed in the cluelessness induced by moonbattery.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: Information Liberation.

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