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Dec 06 2018

The Lancet Wants Us to Stop Eating Meat

Robert Conquest’s second law of politics is that “Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.” Anything that becomes left-wing rots from within until it is useful only as a source of moonbattery. This alarming phenomenon has even managed to undermine the prestigious journal The Lancet. A recent editorial entitled “We Need to Talk About Meat” panders to the farthest fringes of the nanny state, ecotyrannical Left.

Mainly on the basis of the preposterous leftist doctrine that farting cows make it be too hot out, but also on the dubious grounds that meat is a significant cause of cancer, The Lancet has decided that our diet must change.

So what is a healthy amount of red or processed meat? It’s looking increasingly like the answer, for both the planet and the individual, is very little. Saying this is one thing. Getting the world to a place where we have the ability to balance the desire to eat whatever we want with our need to preserve the ecosystem we rely on to sustain ourselves is quite another. The conversation has to start soon.

The conversation has already started, with The Lancet focusing on punitive taxes of the type levied on cigarettes.

Do not take your right to eat a normal human diet for granted. You don’t have anything that leftists would not take away from you.

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